Triumph’s first e-bike is a welcome Mix of Technologies and nostalgia

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Triumph’s first e-bike is a welcome blend of technology and nostalgia

The mid-drive system, which can be positioned between the pedals, draws electricity in an incorporated but removable 504Wh Shimano battery which sits within the framework tube. The ability is aggressive with the broader e-bike market. VanMoof’s S3 additionally ships with a 504Wh battery, also Bosch — that provides e-bike components to manufacturers such as Cube and Cannondale — provides incorporated PowerTubes in 400, 500 and 600Wh choices.

Assistance is offered with a mid-drive Shimano DU-E6100 motor.


The bicycle has three primary riding modes which you could switch between using thumb-sized buttons situated near the left handlebar grip. There’s also a Walk manner, triggered by holding the base button for a couple of seconds, which makes it simpler to maneuver the bike around when you’ve dismounted. That could be useful if you are carrying a lot of luggage on the trunk or just pushing the machine to get a protracted period by means of a bunch or a steep hill.

You can assess what mode you are in employing a little Shimano-branded pc (noticing a trend yet?) That slides right into a cradle on the handlebars. It includes three bodily buttons one for turning the bicycle , yet another for toggling the lights, along with a last shortcut for changing the info about the monochrome display. The 2.7-inch display does not catch your attention such as VanMoof’s Matrix Display, or Gocycle’s Formula One-motivated Cockpit. But it is sensible and loaded with helpful data, including your current rate, staying charge, and a pub that communicates back and forth to demonstrate how hard the engine is functioning.

Triumph’s initial e-bike is a nightmare to lift and take.

The Trekker GT weighs 24KG, that is more than the Cowboy, VanMoof’s S3, Gogoro’s GXi, along with the majority of other e-bikes I’ve examined. Heavier choices exist, for example Riese & Muller’s Charger3, Cube’s Kathmandu Hybrid One 500, as well as the monstrous Mate X. Still, Triumph’s original e-bike is a nightmare to lift and carry. You’ll have to get constructed like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson should you would like to haul up this a flight of stairs or on a car roof rack.

Triumph Trekker GT
I love any e-bike which is included with a kickstand.


Thankfully, Triumph’s initial e-bike is always pleasant to ride. I had the Trekker GT for a weekend and then finished several sun-soaked rides at the south of England. The Shimano engine was dead quiet and provided adequate help on flat stretches of road and steep, differently sweat-inducing hills. The acceleration was not especially fierce — even at the top riding style — but it was strong enough that I never became conscious of the bicycle’s colossal weight. 

The bicycle’s assistance would fade off if I got near 25KMH (15.5MPH). That’s the limitation determined by the united kingdom authorities and is, thus, typical for commuter-style e-bikes offered in the area. The cap is a bit greater in the united states, so it is likely that Triumph increases the maximum rate in that particular industry. Regardless, you can frequently reach greater speeds with a few excess pedal power. The Trekker GT includes 10 gears which you could change between using Shimano trigger shifters to the ideal handlebar. While it is not the most suitable system — most competitions have one equipment, or automatic changing — it will give you more control. On that the maximum equipment, for example, I often found that I could push up the bike to 29KMH (18MPH).

The Trekker GT’s weight usually means you’ll go much faster downhill. And unlike Gogoro’s Eeyo 1S, the engine does not have any form of “protection mode” that disturbs you for moving quicker than 32KMH. That means you are able to take whole advantage of gravity and hope that the engine will offer assistance again the moment you dip below 25KMH. If that you reside in a scenic place, it is a terrific way to eke a few additional miles from this battery.

Triumph Trekker GT
The front lighting is glowing, however I wish it had been completely integrated into the framework.


Triumph’s initial e-bike is comfy, too. The Selle Royal Vivo saddle offers lots of support along with also the Rockshox front suspension is great at soaking up the occasional pothole and rate bump. The Trekker GT can take care of some mild off-roading, but I would not call it a mountain bicycle replacement. As the version name suggests, it is built more for brief and medium-distance touring, as long as you have some sort of charging. Triumph does not sell additional batteries and you would not wish to carry a different one in your back, since they’re heavy — so you will want to use the included charger, which plugs into the mains.

I did not have the bike long enough to carry out a correct battery evaluation. On a complete charge, however, that the Shimano pc said I need to become approximately 56 kilometers on High, 79 kilometers on Normal and 113 kilometers on Eco. If that is true, the bicycle will be OK for regular commuting and the occasional weekend camping excursion, as long as you do not have aspirations to cycle round the exterior of Scotland. Adventurers may also love the back rack which may take panniers and, even if you are a dab hand with straps and bungee cords, an range of luggage that weigh around 18KG (40 lbs ).

It’s for individuals who grin any time they visit the Triumph badge.

Some individuals have praised the bicycle looks, but I believe that they’re average at best. The downtube is remarkably thick — sometimes it seems like you’ve got a motorbike between your thighs —  along with the handlebars are surrounded by a net of wires. I had to stifle a chuckle once I saw that Triumph had utilized a cable wrap to maintain some of them jumped together. The lights are a lot brightly but I need the one on the front was correctly incorporated into the framework. Similarly, that the Abus Pro Shield lock( which sits between the seatstay and seat tube, does not feel quite cutting edge compared to VanMoof’s rear-wheel stealth lock.

Triumph Trekker GT
A functional if unimaginative lock for maintaining your bike safe.


On newspaper, the Trekker GT is not anything particular. The entire appearance was conceived by Triumph however the majority of the components are sourced from Shimano. That dependence means that the bike ought to be dependable and relatively simple to service, yet. Brands such as VanMoof and Cowboy are sexy, but you are relying upon their various owners to provide replacement parts rather than venture out of business. If I had to put a bet, I’d say Triumph and Shimano are far more inclined to be about in five year’s time. And even when they were to go underneath, there is a fantastic probability that your closest bike shop is going to have any clue how to supply parts or correct any issues that come up.

The Trekker GT will put you back $3,750. While pricey, it is nothing eyebrow-raising from the e-bike world. Plenty of competing manufacturers such as Moustache, Gazelle and Riese & Müller provide pedal-assist versions within this kind of price range. So who must purchase Triumph’s electrified introduction? It’s not intended for the tech obsessed, nor the lycra-clad road warriors who crave carbon dioxide. Instead, it is for men and women that grin any time they visit the Triumph badge. Maybe they have one of those company’s classic bikes, or have dreamed of purchasing one. Or, such as me, it is someone who vaguely recalls when Triumph made pedal-powered bikes, and will probably be reminded of the heritage any time they begin riding this late reboot.

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