The $100,000 Hot Wheels

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The $100,000 Hot Wheels

West Palm Beach, Florida — One of those funniest finds in toy collecting background has been lately found by Joel Magee, believed “America’s Toy Scout.” A Mattel Hot Wheels Custom Camaro relationship to 1968 and confirmed since the initial Hong Kong tooth white example ever discovered was obtained by Magee.  The Custom Camaro is thought to be the oldest Hot Wheels casting ever made by Mattel, and a enamel white prototype edition of this Custom Camaro are one of the most earliest Hot Wheels toys built — if not the oldest. As one of the very earliest Hot Wheels automobiles, the tooth whitened Custom Camaro is considered one of the very desired — if not the most desired — Hot Wheels toys on earth. Found at a set of other Hot Wheels automobiles, it was not before Magee analyzed the group and consulted with a Hot Wheels expert he managed to affirm the tooth white Camaro was, in actuality, the rarest of rare.  

The Custom Camaro is one of the first 16 Hot Wheels versions generated in Hong Kong along with also the United States by Mattel for 1968. What defines the tooth whitened version for a model is its own paint. On every new Hot Wheels model projecting, designers coated the pre-production die-cast metallic frame with white enamel to test for casting imperfections. Such white enamel model castings were not supposed to be marketed — variations of Hot Wheels automobiles destined for the general public in that interval were painted one of those famous Spectraflame metallic colours. Only several enamel prototypes were wrongly packed and released to retailers. This automobile is very rare to find in any way, let alone in good shape.

Other extremely uncommon and desired Redline-age Hot Wheels automobiles are the “rear loading” Beach Bomb with surfboards poking from the rear (also known as a prototype) and the Olds 442. Mint cases of this Hot Wheels Olds 442 version in many desired colours can draw five characters. The model rear-loading Beach Bomb could bring $100,000 or much more.

“I have gathered toys forever and also this Hot Wheels Camaro is your Holy Grail of collectibles. I’m beyond excited to have discovered it to add to my vast assortment. This automobile is so very rare that there’s only one known instance, which is one. Imagine a thing which initially sold for 59 pennies now being worth upwards of $100,000! Wow!  — Joel Magee, America’s Toy Scout

The 100000 Hot Wheels - <p>The $100,000 Hot WheelsMagee has made toys his lifetime. As a regular on the hit TV series “Pawn Stars” and also a regular guest on local television and radio websites throughout the nation, Magee has got the name “America’s Toy Scout.” Since that he was a young child, Magee has scoured flea markets and the entire world for the rarest toys — Hot Wheels, Star Wars,  G.I. Joe, Barbie, Transformers, Disney, Monster toys, and tv related toys, Godzilla and much more. 

The uncommon Hot Wheels tooth white Custom Camaro will probably be added to Magee’s rare group of toys and also will tour with him throughout the nation at forthcoming toy fairs, media appearances and evaluation events.

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