Dušan Krtolica Is A Young Artist That Can Create Incredible Animal Drawings Using Only His Memory

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Dušan Krtolica Is A Young Artist That Can Create Incredible Animal Drawings Using Only His Memory

There are two kinds of artist on earth. Those who spend years studying and perfecting their craft. Then there is the blessed few who are born with that. One of those talented people is Serbian artwork prodigy Dušan Krtolica. He was created 25th June 2002 and he has been drawing since age two. His trend to draw critters has made him worldwide fame. On that his Facebook, the young artist contributed that

“In my first years of life, I used more than 400 sheets of paper per week, because I was mostly disappointed with what I drew, so I threw them.”

Dusan Krtolica sits surrounded by his incredible animal drawings


Dusan lays on the floor to make his animal drawings

His parents immediately realized their son had talent in the arts. So, if he turned 4, they shot him into an art college run by an artist. Young Dušan was nearly rejected due to his age. Luckily, his possible shined through and he had been admitted. Five years later, Dušan became the youngest artist to maintain a display in Serbia. Naturally, he became a happening in his state and was dubbed as the “next Duhrer” from the local media.

Dusan draws an incredible horse portrait


Dusan drawing a portrait of elephants


Dusan meticulously detailing a parrot


Dušan Krtolica’s accurate animal drawings have been drawn out of memory

Typically, artists demand a mention when working. They want this so as to reestablish their topic as just as you can. However, this is not true with Dušan’s drawings. He can draw anatomically right animals by simply relying upon his memory. This is possible because his parents presented him with an art book that has been written and illustrated with a Hungarian artist if he switched 7. He was captivated by the art he replicated all of it within one single day! This can be motivated the young artist to hope to compose and illustrate his own encyclopedia of creatures.

Dusan illustrates various birds with incredible detail


Dusan draws awesome images of animals using pens


Dusan shows off his drawing of butterflies, beetles and chameleons


Dusan draws awesome images of animals using pens


Krtolica’s currently has his Own self-written and self-illustrated encyclopedia about pre-historic animals

By the time that he switched 13, this wonderful performer had realized his dream. The 17-year old artist currently has a publication entitled the Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals, to his title. He singlehandedly wrote and illustrated the book’s contents. Because of the, he had been called as Serbia’s Ambassador of Young Talents. To date, the high school freshman has had six artwork shows and made a lot of appearances on TV shows.

Dusan's Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals


Dusan shows off his illustration of prehistoric animals


Dusan's incredibly detailed prehistoric animal drawings


To compose his novel, Dušhan had to read all of these books

all the books dusan read before writing his encyclopedia of prehistoric animals


He has enthusiasts from all Around the World

His incredible monster drawings have gained him fans from throughout the world. Most of those admirers voiced their interest in buying his job. At first, his parents cried and wished to conserve the drawings Dušan. However, his parents appear to have relented a little, because today the young artist welcomes requests for commissions. He’s made illustrations for a variety of individuals from around Asia along with also the United States.

“Some corporations from Hong Kong put my works on their vans that were driving through the city streets.”

Dusan holds up his drawing of lemurs


Dusan illustrates various birds with incredible detail


Dusan draws animals with incredible detail from memory


His fans helped him attain his dream of Earning larger-than-life monster drawings

Dušsan stated that his biggest desire was to draw creatures on big sheets of newspaper. Unfortunately, the type of paper that he wanted was not accessible Serbia. So he shared his own predicament to his supporters Facebook. His fans reacted with a great deal of tricky ideas to solve his issue. Later, a generous enthusiast delivered him a 10-meter-long roster of newspaper and the artist obviously let his imagination run rampant. Today, his drawings measure to dimensions for example 35 x 45 cm, 50 x 60cm, 120 x 150 cm and even 200 x 150 cm! )

Dusan draws his animal drawings on a 10-meter-long roll of paper


Dusan poses with his finished animal drawing


It took him 20 times to complete this Massive lion

Dusan poses with his largest animal drawing


While his drawings are often done with pencil or ink, the young artist Appears to be developing his skills in painting

dusan doing watercolor paintings

Many individuals need him to display his work abroad. But his parents nevertheless thing, stating that he is too young to traveling the entire world by himself. So, his world tour might need to wait. You may stick to this wonderful artist Facebook, through his website, or find a copy of his encyclopedia on Amazon.


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