New Book "The Rocket Years" Offers Relatable Career Advice for Your 20s

Ashley Hendricks October 4, 2020 9 No Comments

New Book "The Rocket Years" Offers Relatable Career Advice for Your 20s

In these shaky and stressful times, stressing about your career aims is fairly relatable — particularly if you’re only beginning to envision what your adult life resembles. 

In Elizabeth Segran’s new novel The Rocket Years: How Your Twenties Launch The Rest of Your Life, she tackles this fear head on, unpacking the strain to accomplish and relieving our collective anxiety about getting the ideal route straight away. After all, your elbows are assumed to sense a bit out of control.

“Your twenties will be an extended period of professional exploration,” Segran writes in an excerpt from her novel. “This will occasionally feel turbulent, filled with false starts, existential crises, and sleepless nights spent determining whether to give up work. But knowing what the normal journey appears like will help you produce more realistic and achievable expectations”

Segran informs Teen Vogue that although things can sense”disorderly,” it is also an opportunity to take inventory of everything you’re searching for — it could be equally”reassuring and empowering” to consider your priorities and give yourself permission to not locate your fire straight away.

“I often think about how lucky we are that we have more control over our lives than any other generation that has come before,” Segran states ) “We get to choose work that is meaningful to us, figure out what kind of people we want to surround ourselves with, and discover passions to pursue in our spare time. But sometimes, all of this choice can feel overwhelming. I wrote this book to unpack these decisions and help readers think about what really matters to them, so that they can shape their future.”

Below, have a look at an excerpt from Segran’s brand new publication, The Rocket Years.

It’s the evening before I’m scheduled to teach my own course as a graduate student instructor in the University of California, Berkeley. I am all twenty-four, and scanning the list of nineteen pupils who’ve signed up for my course, I realize that a few of the upperclassmen are simply a smidge younger than I am. I start to fear ever so slightly.

It’s fine, I guess. What I deficiency old, I will compensate for with a few old-school electricity dressing. I shall wear something which projects confidence, seriousness, and power. This will clearly expect a suit. Preferably with shoulder pads. This is a all-important step in landing my dream job, the one which is going to get me a pay check and medical care, and you bet I am taking it seriously. So here I am, standing before a full size mirror, overthinking my ensemble.

I really had nothing to be concerned about. All summertime that I had carefully crafted my own program. On the first day of class, my students’ faces lit up as I walked through the syllabus. The fact remains I had been preparing for this day for over a decade. As extended since I could recall, I had needed to do was educate. When I started teaching at Berkeley, the experience has been everything I had hoped it’d be. I had been great in the work.I thought I was on track for a professor very quickly.

What I did not understand was finding a meaningful career is seldom a simple path. From the time we’re children, we’re advised to pursue work that we feel passionate about. These notions are strong; for our creation, a project is no longer only a means to cover the invoices but a method to channel that we are and what we appreciate. No wonder many people struggle to understand just what to do with our own lives!

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