Masika Kalysha’s Former Landlord Alleges That She Held His House ‘Hostage’ & Didn’t Pay Her Rent 

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There was much going lately with Masika Kalysha and her former landlord David Weintraub appeared on Brandi Glanville’s podcast “Unfiltered,” and made several accusations about the prior “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” celebrity.

In the current podcast incident, Brandi asked him eliminating a squatter, where he reacted and stated, “When I say the biggest garbage can human being, disgusting, lying, scam artist, low-life person is this woman Masika Kalysha Tucker. That happened to be on one of our shows “Love & Hip Hop,” who tried to purchase a home from mepersonally, but fraud. ”

He lasted, “I was nice enough to let this disgusting woman in my house with a lease and she decided to use the COVID-19 moratorium to commit fraud to the tune of $75,000 that she owes me in back rent.”

As he chose to drag her name through the mud, ” he continued to allege that she stole appliances out of his house for example his washer and drier. He then stated, “She has now returned to the streets, she has returned to the projects where she came from, and she’s facing insane litigation.”

Masika hasn’t spoken out against his promises.

Aside from this, Masika recently confronted backlash for staging a kidnapping skit to bring recognition to women and kid sex-trafficking. She also turned in an altercation with her former LHHH co-star Hazel E, which turned out to stem from a current reality special.


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