Lilo The Husky Became Best Friends With Rosie The Cat After She Saved The Kitten From Dying

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Lilo The Husky Became Best Friends With Rosie The Cat After She Saved The Kitten From Dying

They say canines and cats are mortal enemies and it’s a principle that has been handed down by way of the ages. Although there are a couple of behavioral variations that may set them at odds, canines and felines are on no account pure enemies. And the friendship of Lilo and Rosie will show simply that.

Lilo is a Siberian husky owned by three sisters who reside in California. She resides along with different canines and a few cats as a result of her homeowners would soak up stray cats and deal with them. Five years in the past, they discovered and rescued a dying kitten. The kitten, was simply three weeks previous once they discovered it on the point of loss of life. Due to her extreme situation, they thought the frail kitten gained’t even make it by way of the primary evening regardless of the around the clock care. As they had been about to surrender, they determined to let the dying kitten cuddle with Lilo. Little did they knew, that call would later reserve it from dying.


The Friendship of Lilo the Husky and Rosie the Cat Is Melting The Hearts of People

The kitten began snuggling with Lilo as if to maintain her secure and heat. The light husky would let the kitten sleep on her and crawl over her. After per week, the kitten lastly opened her eyes and commenced displaying enhancements. Lilo’s tender and loving care considerably helped the kitten get well. Since then, the compassionate husky and the cute kitten has develop into greatest associates.



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On this day, 4 years ago, around this time, a kitten named Rosie came into our lives and changed our entire world. The story goes like this; we received a call from a coworker whose aunt found a kitten. We decided to take her in, but by the time we received her, she was already declining from a pretty severe URI. We stayed up all night trying to feed her and keep her warm. She refused all of our efforts, lifesaving and otherwise. At a certain point in the night, we just kind of knew, she wasn’t going to make it. Our dog, Lilo, seemed to want to lay with her. Maybe she wanted to keep her comfortable in her last moments, so we paired them thinking it probably wouldn’t hurt. They layed together while we tried to get some sleep. By morning time, Rosie was surprisingly still alive. Interestingly enough, she was trying to nurse on Lilo and Lilo was letting her. We decided to offer Rosie a bottle again and she started to drink! From there, the two spent all of their time together. Lilo would clean, stimulate, and let her nurse. Obviously she didn’t have milk, but the level of maternal comfort she provided Rosie was something pretty special. They cuddled endlessly, to the point where Lilo’s food had to be brought to her, because she refused to leave Rosie’s side. Four years later, they are doing amazingly and their bond continues to capture us every day?? Their story has also changed the lives of many many other kittens with the formation of our kitten rescue @minicattown . We are so grateful the stars aligned and Lilo and Rosie were able to meet on this night 4 years ago??? . Please follow @minicattown to support all the kittens we rescue in honor of Lilo and Rosie! ?

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The friendship between the 2 has develop into stronger by way of the years. The kitten who was discovered near loss of life has now grown right into a wholesome, attractive cat. Although Lilo continues to nurse different rescue kittens, this kitty will at all times have a particular place in her coronary heart. You can observe them on Instagram to get a glimpse of their exceptional friendship.












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