LIFEWTR Debuts ‘Black Art Rising’ Digital Gallery Starring Revolutionary Culture-Shifter Tobe Nwigwe

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LIFEWTR Debuts ‘Black Art Rising’ Digital Gallery Starring Revolutionary Culture-Shifter Tobe Nwigwe

LIFEWTR continued its proud tradition of broadening social advancement through artwork by launch Black Art Rising–a digital display documenting the varied answers to this Black Lives Matter movement at 2020.

The gallery has been made to not only conserve this instant at time, but to keep the movement alive and make sure future generations have access to the artwork and artists that are behaving as vanguards of change.

“People get easily distracted. It’s necessary we keep the conversations going and people focused on what really matters. Art is influence. Why wouldn’t we use our platform,” said radical culture-shifter Tobe Nwigwe.

At launching, Black Art Rising features demonstration artwork from eight founders in the forefront of racial justice with space for casual creators to discuss original art for the opportunity to become aggregated to its boundless digital gallery.

“When we elevate creators equally, allowing them to inspire the world and be inspired by others, creativity can flow freely,” stated Michael Smith, Sr. Director, Marketing, PepsiCo, Water+ Portfolio. “Unfortunately, it has not been that way and Black creatives have been underrepresented in the arts.

It will require ongoing commitment whatsoever, and in LIFEWTR, we’re dedicated to utilizing our platform to highlight the wonderful abilities of Black creatives, who more than ever are inspiring others to utilize their voices with intention and drive others to address systemic racism head on.”

Check from the magic gallery comprising those prolific founders:

Tobe Nwigwe: A hip-hop star whose lyrics and tone of songs tell the story of a hard reproduction as a first-generation Nigerian child from the Alief neighborhood of Houston, TX. He has a singular goal in life: “to make purpose popular.”

Temi Coker: a multidisciplinary artist whose mixture of vibrant colours and textures come out of his upbringing in Nigeria and adore to get its African Diaspora. His style concentrates on evoking emotion through colour, storytelling and patterns.

Reyna Noriega: a visual artist, writer and educator who operates across various mediums, from graphic design, to painting, digital illustration and photography. ) Her multidisciplinary clinic is dedicated to highlighting and inspiring girls, as she tells stories inspired by her own experiences and culture, where girls can comprehend themselves, feel represented and enabled.

Thomas Evans (a.k.a. Detour): an all round creative specializing in large scale public artwork, interactive visuals, portraiture, immersive spaces and innovative directing. A born collaborator and “military brat,” he pulls out of every possible adventure that shapes his landscapes and viewpoints.

Shae Anthony: creator of “She Is This,” a method to inspire women and girls of color not to only adopt their skin but observe it and what it comes with via the energy of her illustrations. Whether chocolate, vanilla, freckles, moles or anything in between, she educates the others of how beautiful their brown skin actually is.

Dr. Fahamu Pecou: an interdisciplinary artist and scholar whose works combine observations on hip-hop, good art and popular culture. Pecou’s paintings, performance art, and academic function addresses concerns about modern representations of Black guys and the way these pictures affect both reading and functionality of Black masculinity.

Max Sansing: a nice artist and gifted muralist. His different aesthetic combines the color-drenched dynamism of road art with all the technical sophistication of photorealism. Born and raised by two young parents, he also discovered passion and creative presents early. Involved using many graffiti teams, he educated himself oil painting prior to completing formal instruction.

Lauren (Lo) Harris: a digital artist that specializes in illustration and motion style. Through glowing palettes and relational compositions, she creates work that winners vibrance, assurance, humankind and parties of a more just and type world.

In the forthcoming weeks, fans will have the chance to win first art and limited-edition prints made by Black Art Rising featured musicians. For complete particulars, follow @LIFEWTR on Instagram.

Creators who discuss their creations with #BlackArtRisingCompetition and tagging @LIFEWTR may be chosen by LIFEWTR and unique guest judges such as Tobe Nwigwe today through Friday, October 27.

Those chosen will get a $500 stipend in the $50k Black Art Rising Fund to fund art supplies for their next good development, and also to be realized on

LIFEWTR is devoting 50,000 to help increase the number of voices speaking their truth through art.

In February 2021, LIFEWTR will debut a limited-edition bottle series package in honour of Black History Month which will highlight the work of emerging Black founders. Some of profits will benefit associations that amplify Black voices within the arts. LIFEWTR thinks Black Lives perform, and always will, matter.

To learn about LIFEWTR’s numerous initiatives encouraging Black communities, click here. And for additional info on Black Art Rising, click here.

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