Buoys & Bigots: Multiple Boats Sunkenly Sink During Cheeto In Chief Lake Parade

Ashley Hendricks September 6, 2020 8 No Comments

Buoys & Bigots: Multiple Boats Sunkenly Sink During Cheeto In Chief Lake Parade

Well, well, well…

Things got a bit wet and crazy this weekend to get a few Deplorable Dorito supporters who engaged in a river parade. The New York Times reports that many people were rescued and FOUR ships spilled on the waters of Lake Travis at Texas on Saturday. The boaters were engaging in the “Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade” and sullied the waters with Pro-Trump flags and banners prior to getting overwhelmed by tumultuous waves.

The Sheriff’s Office at Travis County obtained “multiple” calls of ships in distress beginning at 12:15 p.m. local time, a spokeswoman, Kristen Dark, said.

“We had an exceptional number of boats on the lake today,” she explained. “When they all started moving at the same time, it generated significant waves.”

Firefighters pulled “numerous” individuals from their water, stated Braden Frame, president of the Lake Travis Fire Fighters Association.

Steve Salinas, who helped arrange the function that over two,000 individuals expressed interest in attending, advised The Times the ship parade was “one way that Trump supporters can get out and express themselves without causing too much trouble or congestion in streets.” After Saturday’s event was shown to be more hazardous than he anticipated, he advised the Times he believes the different sized ships including his 22-foot ship to 60-foot yachts to miniature eight-foot ships resulted in the chaos.

“You can have really great water one second, and it could get some pretty heavy swells in a matter of minutes,” he explained. “Once boats get on a lake, mother nature has its own plans.”

Multiple other vessel parades for Trump happened across the nation on Saturday, including in New Jersey and Florida. Next upward, “The Great American” vessel parade is currently happening in Georgia’s Lake Lanier, you understand –the lake that is reportedly haunted and at which several people perish on a regular basis.

WSBTV reports that the organizers of the Cheeto In Chief parade are taking security precautions including a path for boaters to follow.


“We have spent the past weeks organizing this great event down to the last detail. We have our staging area, route and most importantly our rules and regulations for safety. We have planned a route free if pinch points and obstacles on Lanier so every boat in the parade will be free from hazards. We have organized a grid that places vessels of the same length together for the upmost of safety,” the event page stated.

As you can imagine, people are imploring Lake Lanier to “do its thing” and humorous memes are afloat, pun intended.

Let’s see how this ends up…


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