BTS “BE” Album Review: A Galaxy Inside a Room

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BTS “BE” Album Review: A Galaxy Inside a Room

MOTS:7‘s launch came before COVID-19 started to influence people internationally; the trajectory for this record was thwarted by context, a huge stadium tour decreased to a two-night digital concert which nearly 1 million lovers experienced. BTS have spent these past months doing scaled-back variations of the typical promotions and enthusiast interactions. They filmed In that the Soop, a reality show with no real plot beyond the way to unwind in the day and the best way to cook for supper . ) They’ve done a ton of pre-taped performances of “Dynamite,” making the rounds in the VMAs, America’s Got Talent, and much more. Meanwhile, they have worked on new music together with thoughts of comfort, relaxation, and solidarity with lovers at the back of their heads. “I felt hopeless. Everything fell apart. I could only look outside my window, I could only go to my room. Yesterday, I was singing and dancing with fans around the world, and now my world had shrunk to a room,” Jimin advised the United Nations through BTS’s address in September. Suga lasted the thread, “The room itself was small, but my world and our world reached far and wide. In this world we had our instruments, our phones, and our fans.”

That’s the circumstance for BE, a record shaped by the concept that BTS has obtained more creative control than ever. While they have played an active part in the tunes they publish, for BE they supplied more input to the design, concept vision, cover artwork, and all of the things which make a record iconic outside the actual music. Each manhood took on a management function, curating their subject of expertise as they saw fit. 

The way music has been made has shifted this past year in ways we might not completely grasp for a short time. As Taylor Swift mentioned about documenting her struck quarantine album folklore, all of the principles are off the desk. Why adhere to the direction you’ve always done something, when what’s so bleak? Why not take risks, because nothing things? Why not attempt, because everything does?

BE is the end result of the attempting. MOTS:7 watched the group flex lots of different muscles and lean right into a great deal of unique aesthetics — Latin soda, melty snare, synth, emo rap. BE is exactly what comes after the launch of the pressure valve, and it is a surprisingly bizarre small record. While the peppy, grin-inducing only “Dynamite” is your evident tonal outlier within this group, the remainder of BE does not fall in the snare of broodiness that one may anticipate from musicians hoping to catalog 2020. “Stay,” initially meant to be a part of Jungkook’s solo album, is pure dance music, a club banger for bleeding hearts. “Telepathy,” using its shimmering synth and jam band percussion, is a gasp of pleasure. An out of context lyric that rings true to a musical level: “If it’s too quick, it’s a little dangerous. If it’s too slow, it’s a little boring.”

Devastating ballads have their own time and place, naturally, however BTS know we have seen some shit this season. Let’s picture we are spending a day outside about the blue ocean instead. Let’s splay out on a soft mattress, relishing the protection of our room. (“It seems joy, sadness, and all other emotions are simply accepted here,” Suga raps on “Fly to My Room.”) And if we do settle in for a lengthy narrative, such as on “Blue & Grey,” it will feel all of the sweeter for your restraint. The song meanders closely as the members set forth fantasies for the future that use even if we are not going through a traumatic worldwide event. “I just wanna be happier,” V sings on “Blue & Grey,” initially put forth as a KTH1 solo trail. “Would this also be a great greed?”

Lead single “Life Goes On” introduces the surroundings for BE, also it is the apparent COVID-19 monitor. “One day, the world stopped without any prior warning,” Jungkook starts, per DoYouBangtan’s translation. “Spring didn’t know to wait.” Musically, the tune fits as part 2 to MOTS:7 monitor “Zero O’Clock,” using its chill-pop ambience and reassuring lyrics. But “Life Goes On” is not as a guarantee than it’s a fact. We can hibernate, we could perform Sims daily, we could do anything we would like to pass this dreadful time, however the time will still pass. There are still things that harm. We joke regarding replicating birthdays, of turning the clock back. The believed itself is a working mechanism, even if it is a dream. In one element of “Life Goes On,” Suga slides in an allusion to his solo tune “People,” the musing, fulfilled “mm mm mm” slowed down. If you are an Agust D enthusiast, the echo of “why so serious?” will ring in your head, a vital moment of lighthearted introspection in the rapper. In other words: shit happens, and you’re going to discover the power to take care of it as it does.

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