2020 Subaru Legacy Limited XT Review & Test Drive

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2020 subaru legacy limited xt

Subaru has been a go-to for reliable, reliable, secure, and value-added vehicles for the mainstream. In continuing this type of tradition with the advantages of their anticipated all-wheel-drive system and forward-thinking active security technology, Subaru redesigns their own Legacy midsized sedan with a far better and more potent engine choice to its 2020 version year.

The choice for Subaru offering a more powerful engine at the Legacy does wonders to literally enhance its performance at a better run contrary to its competitors. For this past week I put my hands on the Legacy using the engine at the Legacy Limited XT trimming, one of six trim levels provided and one of two trim levels offering a brand new 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder fighter (horizontally opposed) engine. The new turbocharged engine, which outdoes the conventional and coming 2.5-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder fighter motor by bounds and leaps, gets 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. ) The considerable power gain in the new engine, which communicates 78 more horsepower and 101 additional pound-feet of torque, is precisely what was required for its Legacy for people who need a little “more” from what’s otherwise a well-built and affordable automobile for its course.

2020 subaru legacy limited xt side profile

Having the new stronger motor, the brand new Legacy is a complete two seconds quicker to 60 mph compared to the naturally aspirated engine Legacy, carrying only 6.1 seconds. Opting for its Legacy Limited XT or Touring XT trims adds the turbocharged engine as standard gear attached to a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). In forcing the new Legacy Limited XT, it goes with power however is just exacerbated by a lumpy atmosphere in the CVT, which tries to do a great deal to emulate a traditional automatic transmission. In its attempts to mimic a typical automatic transmission, the CVT is tuned at a peculiar manner where its smoothness which I loved in preceding Subaru testimonials is gone, sadly. While the motor is an excellent technology accomplishment for Subaru being largely efficient and supplying a considerable quantity of power to ship to all four wheels, so it does not do justice to match with the motor — but instead it will display choppy ratio step-downs and points in which it retains the RPM with abrupt harsh deceleration if you let off of the throttle.

2020 subaru legacy limited xt rear angle

Apart in the disappointments with the CVT, the brand new Legacy Limited XT is a massive improvement over the outgoing model years with a more tasteful interior and an interesting 11.6-inch tablet-style touchscreen infotainment unit. The brand new infotainment unit is just another aspect in which it sounds Subaru might have attempted a little too difficult to exude attention but marginally fails with inadequate implementation of such a method. Fundamentally, the big tablet-style infotainment system seems attractive at first glance however, has a couple of flaws, beginning with its lengthy initialization and boot period. Starting up the new Legacy and employing the infotainment unit using its restricted physical buttons prevents you from utilizing any controllers for nearly an entire 25 minutes or longer. Once the first boot process has finished, which there isn’t any certain way of knowing unless you attempt to swiftly adjust the climate control preferences and nothing occurs in Florida’s humid 95-level weather, the machine gets quite responsive ordinarily. However, you will find lots of menu collections and chief functions which are concealed under many unnecessary displays, like the procedure to disable the annoying and unsettling automobile start-stop attribute — performing this requires three button presses until you may disable the attribute Disabling automobile start-stop around the Legacy Limited XT is essential, since the entire vehicle shakes when the automobile shuts off in a halt and can even worse when restarting. Other attributes of this huge touchscreen also have a mixed sense in which I second-guessed myself several times in an effort to enter vehicle configurations or change to the little and condensed display of Apple CarPlay, which I hear there’s an upgrade to enlarge the display of these where it’s otherwise miniaturized on the massive screen rather than favorable for someone with hands.

2020 subaru legacy limited xt dashboard

Where the brand new 2020 Legacy appeals to mainstream sedan buyers is its own inside space, advanced security, regular all-wheel-drive, newfound functionality in the new turbocharged engine, and outstanding value. On both sides of security, Subaru is creeping ahead of the rest with their latest EyeSight system and brand new segment-first DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System, that may identify signs of driver fatigue or any time the driver isn’t paying attention to the road ahead. Through smart detectors mounted beneath the infotainment display, the DriverFocus system may track the motorist’s eye sight and also display an alert together with an audible alert when it finds the driver’s eyes removed from the road. The system will initially prompt a brand new driver to make a profile so that it can properly track the vision of someone determined by their seats position. It functions nicely since I tested it a couple of times with the support of a passenger on a closed road. Moreover, the latest EyeSight system continuously monitors the road tightly for barriers or impending injuries and correctly displays a heads-up visual alarm.

2020 subaru legacy limited xt front seats

The inside of this brand new Legacy is up-classed marginally and has a wonderful appeal from the Legacy Limited XT trimming of my test vehicle. There’s a smart use of space during with a surprising quantity of space at the rear seats. Ride quality is great and enhanced to restrict unwanted body roll and bounce when moving over hefty road undulations. Fuel market is quite consistent and real-world driving games that of the EPA-estimates of all 24 mpg town, 32 mpg highway, and 27 mpg combined.

2020 subaru legacy limited xt back seats

The make-up of all Subaru was pushed ahead with all the brand new 2020 Legacy, and using the new research engine that broadens its appeal to a broader market. With that the as-tested cost for the new Legacy Limited XT test automobile at $35,095, there is a great deal of significance to be had when comparing it to all its competitors when you choose the top engine engine option. Also, together with all the Legacy beginning at a cost of only $22,745, there is a fantastic value proposition at the bottom amount, in spite of all the effective and less-powerful standard 4-cylinder fighter motor.

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