Women’s BMX Seeding Run – London 2012 Olympics

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Highlights of those Women’s BMX seeding run through the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The first national mountain bike championships were held at 1983 at the USA. But the game immediately grew in popularity in Europe and Australia. The initial mountain bicycle World Championships, recognised from the International Cycling Union (UCI), were organised 1990. Olympic recognition followed and mountain biking made its introduction as a Olympic field at the Atlanta Games at 1996, using a cross-country occasion for women and men. The programme has remained unchanged ever since.
It was in 2008 in Beijing which BMX made its debut about the Olympic programme. BMX is one of the quickest and youngest biking areas. Its principle is straightforward: eight passengers compete on a course full of jumps, tight bends and barriers.
Find more about Mountain Bike and BMX Cycling in www.olympic.org/mountain-bike and www.olympic.org/cycling-bmx

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