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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently declared that they anticipate baby #3, and also their love story appears to function as #couplegoals. But how did it start and what battles seasoned Chrissy and John within their union?

Before John Legend fulfilled Chrissy Teigen, that he was kind of called a modelizer. He outdated catwalkers Jessica White, Danielle Abreu, Tayo Otiti and Wafah Dufour, and later confessed he was unfaithful in his prior relationship. But next version on his record changed everything.

Chrissy Teigen starred in a music video for his song “Stereo”, and also their immediate chemistry resulted in a hook-up the exact same night.
But the few didn’t begin dating straight away. Chrissy charmed John together with her sense of comedy texting while he was on tour.
Teigen place no strain on her boyfriend and only let Legend be himself for a long time.

After roughly 4 years in connection, John suggested in their Christmas holiday on Maldives. Chrissy turned into a legitimate muse for her then-fiance, and he committed one of his greatest hits “All of Me” for her. Chrissy and John stated their vows in Lake Como about the 7th anniversary of the proximity – September 14th 2013.

Being married for a couple of decades, Teigen got really fed up with the neverending questions about children, and she addressed the press strain by discussing her own struggles with fertility. The couple welcomed their first bundle of joy in April 2016, and also the woman was appointed Luna.
Later Chrissy opened up on her tragic struggle with postpartum depression after their daughter’s birth.
And at May 2018 Chrissy gave birth to John’s little twin, Miles.
Legend’s latest video for a song “Wild” shown Teigen’s new baby bulge, and we couldn’t be more happy for the bunch!

John and Chrissy have been famous for their honesty, and lately they revealed their union isn’t quite as perfect as it may seem.
“Don’t think you’re alone in fighting with your spouse,” stated John to his lovers.
Apart out of this, John and Chrissy deliver us the few goals we want.

Do you love John and Chrissy’s willingness about your own union?

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