Tana Mongeau Slides Into Ex Bella Thorne’s DM’s!!!

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Tana Mongeau could be wed, but this is not likely to prevent her from slipping into her ex’s DMs.

What’s up men, it is Sussan Mourad back on Clevver News, plus it seems like Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne’s friendship goes back following their current falling out at which Bella accused Tana of “breaking girl code.” And their friendship was revived how all significant relationship moves have been made nowadays, by Tana slipping into Bella’s DMs.

It all began with a collection of pictures Bella submitted to her “finsta” accounts, AKA @thatweirdbitchbella at which Tana reacted to a number of Bella’s selfies with thirsty-esque answers about Bella’s “assets”, if you may. Bella captioned the screenshots QUOTE, “When ur ex slides back in ur dms. hi tana.” using a lot of laughing emojis.

Tana clearly did not even feel the need to conceal her activities against her beloved Jake Paul, so clearly this isn’t a normal union, it is a trendy union.

Tana took to her moment Instagram accounts, @tanatookthese to discuss photos of Bella at New York City as well as the information of these women “making up.” She captioned one of those photos, “I took these pictures ten minutes after we made up in new york… was gonna wait awhile to post em but she just had to go apes**t on insta right now.”

Bella additionally reshared exactly the Very Same pictures to her finsta together with the caption “When she takes a photo of u after she has u crying all night – why do I look so happy though??”

Well the reasons she is looking so joyful is likely because it seems like those 2 have their connection on the fix, even though Bella is treading carefully.

Tana excitedly discuss a screengrab on her Twitter yesterday showing that Bella welcomed Tana back to the ‘group-chat.’ It read quotation: “Tana is back in the group. Welcome her w slightly open arms.”

Well it seems like those two ex-lovers have set their feud behind them. Remember past month Bella demonstrated her Tana had a falling out after the YouTuber seemingly “broke girl code” after being captured in an image with Mod Sun! )

Bella had tweeted that both “are no longer good,” adding “I’m over it.” You might recall that Tana seemed to be clueless as to exactly what Bella was speaking to, since she composed, “?????” and alsoz tweeted “Imagine taking every time ur mad at me to Twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me…….. wtf is this b :/.”

Well woman code or not, it appears like this friendship has lived yet another Twitter steak and one thing we all understand quite well is that if your connection can withstand a significant people Twitter feud, then it could handle anything!

Are you pleased to observe that Bella and Tana return ‘group-chat’ conditions ? And also how do you believe Jake could be considering this information as well as the DMs? Let me know in the comments section below.

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