Tana Mongeau & Lizzo’s Outfits Go VIRAL At 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Courtesy of MTV: www.mtv.com

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While a few of those favorites took home the popcorn statue in the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards, the real winners of this night moved to a number of the funniest outfits. Like for real, these appearances did NOT disappoint.

What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and I will be honest, the MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpeting is one of my favorites because its carpeting such as these, where the celebrities have come to slay!

We understand the awards series is famous for being light hearted and enjoyable, but this year some celebs took their red rug looks to a completely different level.

Like a meme-able amazing amount that we can not get enough .

Probably the most discussed ensemble of the night was Tana Mongeau’s.

She stole the show in her hard-won money clip, dollar invoice outfit.

She composed on her Instagram quote, “Wearing my net worth.”

And the net was enjoying it.

One individual wrote quotation, “Tana mongeau is THAT BITCH, her in a money dress is everything and more. If you disagree shut up cause no one cares.”

And the other Individual literally read my thoughts and said quotation, “Today I woke up and randomly started wondering how Tana Mongeau sat down in her dollar bill dress.”

And of course folks were creating memes from it since it had been too simple.

One individual said quotation, “nobody: tana mongeau: *wears a money dress*”

But Tana was not the only one rocking a bold appearance on the red rug.

Nick Cannon’s daring fashion choice was really somewhat intimidating.
He wore a reddish Louis Vitton fight mask and vest, that were perplexing to say the least.
But he stood out, for better or for worse, and ended up taking home the award for the best host. So I reckon he is a winner in any event.

And my personal favorite red rug stand outside was Lizzo. Who is only slaying everything at this time. 2019 is her entire year am I correct?

She stunned in a neon green dress with feathers which only made me want to use lime green all summer long.

And today I Believe I formally understand the expression “green with envy.”

Her makeup perfectly matched the dress and she rocked blinged out shoes to finish this ideal appearance.

And lovers were both obsessed with her.

One individual wrote quotation, “@lizzo i wanna be u when i grow up.”
Ummm same.

And another stated quotation, “Lizzo you out here killin it gurl”
Couldn’t agree .

Alright men, today I would like to hear from you.
Which look in the MTV Movie and TV Awards was the favorite? And can you please come up with a few decent memes for Tana’s dress? We are enjoying them!
Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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