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The Supernatural throw has amused us with angels and demons to get over 13 seasons. ) We’ve observed love tales about the series, but that which we would like to understand is that Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, are shielding in real life. Does Osric Chau, our cherished Kevin Tran, possess a prophecy because of his love life? Crowley is wicked, however Mark Sheppard could have another story to tell in his love life. What relating to our angel Castiel? ) We have a peek at exactly what Misha Collins along with his wife get off the group. Of class, the guy who began everything, John Winchester – connect us to examine Jefrrey Dean Morgan’s real love lifestyle. And who will forget the most wicked of all of them? Lucifer, and also the guy behind the personality, Mark Pellegrino. We also seem to find out whether Bobby, played Jim Beaver, has a better destiny in reality.

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