NFL Week 3 Picks, Daniel Jones’ advantage in debut | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 68 FULL)

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Florio & Simms do their weekly picks in a joint PFTPM/Unbuttoned collaboration. Should the Chiefs be 6-point favorites over the Ravens? Will the Patriots and Cowboys cover their monster spreads? And can the Browns take down the NFC Champs in primetime?

(3:50) TNF: Titans-Jaguars “Bang the under”
(5:45) Falcons-Colts “The Falcons have the stars, but the Colts are the better team”
(9:15) Ravens-Chiefs “I was shocked to see minus-6”
(13:10) Bengals-Bills “Why are you trying to make logic of my illogical brain?”
(15:55) Broncos-Packers “I think this game is kind of ugly”
(19:10) Lions-Eagles “The Eagles have given up some big plays, and that’s scary to me”
(22:30) Dolphins-Cowboys “Plus I sense that the Dolphins don’t give a crap”
(26:20) Jets-Patriots “I think I’m being charitable with the points I’m giving to the Jets”
(29:50) Raiders-Vikings “If the Vikings are serious about being a contender, this is a game they must win”
(34:45) Panthers-Cardinals “The Cardinals will either get Kyle Allen or a diminished Cam Newton”
(38:15) Giants-Buccaneers “Daniel Jones has seen this defense”
(42:45) Texans-Chargers “It’s too much on Deshaun Watson”
(46:15) Steelers-49ers “The Steelers are in a spot where nobody believes in them”
(50:15) Saints-Seahawks “Sean Payton’s going to come up with a few things the Seahawks haven’t prepared for”
(55:20) SNF: Rams-Browns “I think Freddie Kitchens will realize they need to run the ball”
(1:00:35) MNF: Bears-Redskins “It’s sucky-ducky Redskins secondary vs sucky-ducky Bears offense.”

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