James Charles’ Website CRASHES After Major Tour Announcement

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Alright Sisters! Get excited since James Charles includes a great deal of exciting things in the works and we’re here to update you on all of the TEA we understand up to now.

What’s upward y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News. So our herbaceous plants were already snatched after seeing all James Charles Coachella looks. Had me doing all of the squats. But anyhow he formally has us hype after declaring that he is going on tour. He published this article stating, “SEE YOU SISTERS THIS SUMMER! I am so excited to announce my FIRST EVER US TOUR! I am coming to 24 cities all across America for an interactive show of makeup, music, games, tea, and of course, selfies! Check out http://sisters-tour.com for all information, tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY 4/26 AT 10AM PST!” He also spoke in detail about it from his “Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity” video that has been trending #1 on YouTube. However, we have so many freaking inquiries, but allow me to tell you exactly what we do know thus far! So such as the article said, tickets go on sale this Friday. April 26th. The same day which Taylor is falling something and also the exact same day which Avengers: Endgame comes out so it is likely to be a glorious moment. Ok, back into the excursion, he is moving all over the nation beginning in Philly and heading into Newark, Rochester, my hometown of Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, LA and so many more. The show will probably be between 90-100 minutes, but it does not include additional VIP meet and greets. Speaking of VIP, Let’s discuss those VIP packages. I mean there is nothing wrong with the typical tickets, but really go big or go home perfect? Don’t get mad though, if it is from budget you’re still able to get your life together with General Admission. Anyway, there is different levels of VIP, but also the best tier provides you a photo with James, that a goodie bag which you understand is gont be piled with the very best material, a hangout with James and another Sisters VIPS, and you get the best seats in your home. That’s not everything, but we must proceed. Of class there’ll be more merch, but we are wondering if some other YouTubers or actors will combine James on excursion. That are a cool surprise shortly?! Somebody distinct in each town?! And he is collabed with all these people the possibilities are infinite. And only if you’re wondering when folks are more excited, James Charles tour site really crashed because a lot of people went there following his statement.
That’s not though. A couple of days before, a buff found this shop with “Hi Sisters…” along with the date May 3, 2019. James verified this really destroys the new shop he is opening. He stated in their own Instastory, “Alright my Australian sisters, I have a very special announcement today. After thousands of comments, questions, DM’s, tweets (and) emails, I am here to confirm the rumours. We are officially opening the world’s first ever Sisters pop up shop at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. I was there last year and I literally had the most magical week of my entire life and I fell in love, I am so beyond excited for you guys to get to the store. I’m ready for your guys to sister shop.” And sisters globally are ready to invest all of the money.

Anyway, what would you consider it? Are you excited that he is going on tour and do you believe he will have particular exclusive guests?! Let us all know in the comments below and hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @emileennisjr. Click right over here to find a brand new video and As consistently, make sure you subscribe to all of the latest Clevver News. Also, Don’t forget to click on that bell so that you can’t ever miss an upgrade from us. See another time!

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