James Charles Makes Official COMEBACK To YouTube One Month After Tati Cancellation! )

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Sisters collect round because James Charles is back and better than that he had been a month past!!

What’s up guys? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. Here with Clevver News and James Charles is back on YouTube following his very public dispute with his former coach & bestie, Tati Westbrook.

We all lived through that roller coaster drama journey, and within the last month because then, James has obtained some much needed time .

I am honestly, I had some time off following all that. Has it really been more than a month because that play began. Time really strikes guy.

But today James uploaded his initial makeup-related YouTube video because his close cancellation from this stage.

In the video that he updated us about what he has been performing, gave us a pride-themed makeup tutorial, also showed us that he has undoubtedly already begun to change for the better.

In the video he showed us the way to recreate that dripping rainbow eyeshadow appearance, which he discovered on Instagram because he had been rediscovering his passion for playing with cosmetics and receiving inspo from other makeup artists.

He utilized the tutorial as a chance to update on what has been happening his life.

He told me he celebrated his own 20th birthday together with his buddies Catalina that we watched a little about Instagram tales, but today we have a complete behind the scenes look at his afternoon.

He even met a lot of fellow sisters around the island.

He also mentioned that he’s been spending more time placing his phone down and becoming current.

Something we could probably do a bit more.

James then filled us in on some songs he has been working on. Because who would not enjoy some fresh sister tunes?

He demonstrated that we will be receiving a little more collabs with him along with the ladies of Cimorelli.
And his first vid he submitted together has over 28 million viewpoints, so that I have high hopes for these forthcoming covers.

James also disclosed this video of him along with his two buddies singing got them booked to sing the national anthem in the Ace Family basketball match later this season.

And I am sure we will be getting a different video of this soon also.

But the component of the video I found that the most fascinating is the fact that it feels like James is hoping to use his stage for great over he has ever before.

Two of the primary focuses of the video were Pride month and also the Trevor Project.

The makeup palette that he had been having to make the appearance is a Morphe fundraiser for your own Trevor job, but that is not all.

He is relaunching his clothes new Sisters Apparel and is donating the profits from his new pride set to the Trevor Project.

But since Sisters Apparel is not up and running quite yet, he’s donating the profits from the ads on this very first video back into the Trevor Project.

He advised People Magazine that quotation,”The Trevor Project is similar to any other company I have come across from the LGBTQ+ neighborhood. […] I really wish I understood about the Trevor Project when I was coming out, but I’m quite thankful to have a platform to spread awareness and help out at all I can.”

And lovers are enjoying James’s very first video back.

One individual wrote quotation, “I totally forgot how much I missed watching @jamescharles”

And another stated quotation, “Baby we were not going to let you go anywhere… you never left!”

And I, for one, am only pleased to find he is doing better emotionally and physically than that he had been a couple weeks ago. Because regardless of who’s side you’re about, bashing someone online is never okay.

Alright which will grab up you on items James Charles… for today!

But that I wish to hear what you think about the comeback!

Did you enjoy his new video? And are you eager to see more of this brand new James going forward?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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