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Which Grey’s Anatomy character matches your Zodiac signal?
If you are an impulsive, formidable and decided Aries, Alex Karev is your soul bro!
The anchor of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Dr. Miranda Bailey, is Taurus.
Easy-going, passionate and optimistic Derek Shepherd matches into the twin persona of Gemini.

Loyal, intense and inventive Cristina Yang is a TV match for Cancers.
Bold, brave and hardworking Andrew DeLuca has a Leo persona.
Smart and sort perfectionist Amelia Shepherd is Virgo at coronary heart.

Balancing and social Meredith Grey is Libra.
Independent, charming and mysterious Jackson Avery matches water signal of Scorpio.
Open-hearted and strong-willed Jo Wolson (Karev) is a Sagittarius.

Ambitious, commited and caring Richard Webber is a Capricorn.
Enigmatic, heat and humanitarian Arizona Robbins matches Aquarius.
And intuitive Atticus Lincoln aka Link matches into the deep signal of Pisces.

Does your persona match the prompt Grey’s Anatomy twin?
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