Gabbie Hanna FAKES Coachella Appearance For THIS Reason

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Ah… Coachella. The many’grammable period of this year when influencers grin and bear it during sweat, heat, sand and more to find some priceless content in their own feed. Well, a few do. Others, such as YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, get the identical exact photos without EVER stepping foot into Coachella Valley.

What’s up men, it is Emile Ennis Jr. And YES, for a few – it ALL can be found in the ability of photoshop. YouTube feeling Gabbie Hanna COMPLETELY falsified her way through Coachella. She was able to find stunning, sun-soaked shots without needing to really GO to Coachella. Her assignment was to determine just how imitation social media could be.

So she is an influencer… posing as an influencer… surrounded by influencers… in an effort to really affect people? Mind Blown That’s a bit too meta for me personally.

In yesteryear, Gabbie has completely BASHED Coachella. And once I state goodbye, I mean ***bashed***.
And she had her reasons… that, well, I will only let her sum it up for you:

SO, of course, her supporters were somewhat confused when they began watching photos from the festival onto her feed.

Honestly, how she pulled off this is genius. She took photos at her friend’s home to make it look like she had been remaining in lavish AirBnB. She also presented on a lawn outside in Marina Del Ray… that, if you are counting, is approximately a three hour drive Coachella. Each photo was finished together with the Coachella LOOK- yup, her appearances comprised everything from brightly colored drapes to cut back denim shorts.

And she did not spare one detail… down into the friggen wristbands. She realized it’d be a entire giveaway when hers was lost, so that she did what any influencer using a A-team of photoshop extraordinaires would do… she had fake wristbands mocked for her to use.

Seriously. Sky’s the limit when it comes to Photoshop.

After she had her pics, Gabbie simply worked some filter magical and added Coachella audiences into the wallpapers and VOILA. Coachella mastery. Gabbie’s entire point in doing so is to establish how FAKE social websites is. While it looked like she had been out with the time of her own life, she had been really. . .sitting at a seat glued to her monitor. Huh.

She eventually came clean at a brand new video on her channel where she admitted QUOTE “If you’ve paid close attention to me over the last couple or few years, you know I’m not Coachella’s biggest advocate.”

She added QUOTE “That was the purpose of this whole thing was how easy it is to fake things on social media.”

Gabbie also pointed out the fun of this started making sense to her if she got into Coachella-personality. Then back, she proved that you might have all that enjoyable and more with no sweltering heat and overpriced food.

Well playedGabbie.

What would you believe? Do you enjoy Gabbie’s take on Coachella and social websites? Let me to know in the comment area below and hit me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @EmileEnnisJr.

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