These Beautiful Fusion Pool Tables Convert Into Stylish Dining Tables

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These Beautiful Fusion Pool Tables Convert Into Stylish Dining Tables

In this modern era, it is all about saving space without using multi-purpose equipment that may perform more than that which it is intended for. And in case you’re searching for a dining table which provides more than only a surface for ingestion, these Fusion Pool Tables are definitely something. From the title , this avant-garde furniture really is a dining table which may be converted into a pool desk. Perfect if you love to play with a game of billiards. And even people that are not the greatest fan of billiards and just wish to maintain their guests amused.

Designed from the top billiards products manufacturer on the planet, the dining table features a tasteful yet straightforward layout. Each table has innovative easy-lift system which enables you to raise the dining table and lower it to get diningtable. With a simple click, you can easily adjust the legs to lift or reduce the table. Its auto-lock auto-level feature guarantees that the table stays in excellent degree with maximum firmness and steadiness. Simply eliminate the wooden slabs onto the top layer of the table to show the billiard table beneath.

multi-purpose dining table grey

The Fusion Pool Tables possess patent-pending pockets employing hi-tech nylon fabric that stretches out whenever the pockets collect chunks. If you would like to convert it into a table, just place the 3 wooden slabs across the table. Place the chunks within the pockets and set the cue sticks along with the triangle rack horizontal on the surface prior to placing the wooden slabs within it. The pool fittings will fit under the wooden slabs without anyone noticing they are hidden there. Furthermore, it’s a protective sheet beneath the wooden slabs to guard the billiard table from spillages.


This multi-purpose dining table is a kitchen table and a billiard table at one

multi-purpose dining table


It has removable wooden slabs (table ) to show a pool table beneath

multi-purpose table wooden slabs


fusion pool tables

This modern multi-purpose dining table includes a slick design that complements any home design. It comes in a huge array of styles which range from classic and contemporary, in classic wood or stainless steel. You may also pick from a broad variety of colours — white, gray, black, veneered timber and a lot more. The maker additionally takes customization so that you may select your favorite colors for the fabric and table . You may also choose to add fitting seats, benches and stools which are made to be kept beneath the pool tables if not being used.

fusion pool tables dining tables


people playing billiard


fusion pool tables black frame


kitchen tables pool tables


fusion pool tables wood


dining table doubles as billiard table

The tables quantify 90.5 inches , 52. 75 inches broad and 29.5 inches tall and may chair 10 individuals comfortably. A dining table and also a billiard table in one trendy furniture, it’s really the ideal case of beauty in simplicity. One happy client composed:

“The best thing about this table is, when it’s set up as a pool table, nobody would ever guess this can double as a dining room table. When it’s set up as a dining room table, nobody would guess that a pool table is hiding underneath. The system to elevate and lower the table is ingenious and close to effortless. Love this table.”

contemporary furniture multi-function


fusion pool tables removable table top


dining table and billiard table in one


fusion pool tables stainless steel


fusion pool tables veneered wood

The ingenious table and pool table combo can be obtained here.


Watch that the Fusion Pool Table in activity on the video under

Source: Amazon | Games Room Company

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