The Truth About Freddie Mercury's Incredibly Complicated Life Is Guaranteed into Blow Your Mind

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The Truth About Freddie Mercury's Incredibly Complicated Life Is Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

After moving to Ealing Art College, where he earned his degree at Art and Graphic Design, he met fellow student Tim Staffell, then the bassist in a band called Smile along with guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. In early 1969, Staffell introduced his new friend to the group.  “At that stage, he’s just kind of an enthusiast,” May advised Mojo in 1999. “He says, ‘This is really good—it’s great how…you’re aware of building up atmospheres and bringing them down. But you’re not dressing right, you’re not addressing the audience properly. There’s always opportunity to connect.'”

As he climbed nearer to the boys from the group –promoting odds and ends in a clothing stall at the bohemian Kensington Market with Taylor, sharing a level with equally Taylor and May–he had been in and out of a few of groups of his own, trying to add as much sway on them as he can. But if he watched Smile, his ambition turned into being their lead singer, actually taking to crying at their displays, “If I was your singer, I’d show you how it was done!” 

By early 1970, Staffell had determined to leave the band and in April, May and Taylor chosen to create a new band with Mercury. Right off, he started to apply his influence on the band –that came to include bassist John Deacon–forcing them to groom more theatrically and insisting they title the group Queen. “It was a strong name, very universal and very immediate,” he’d clarify years later, based on Rolling Stone. “It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations, but that was just one facet of it.”

It was about that time he’d abandoned his surname behind for good, formally getting Freddie Mercury.  “I think changing his name was part of him assuming this different skin,” May stated from the 2000 documentary, Freddie Mercury: The Untold Story. “I think it helped him to be this person that he wanted to be. The Bulsara person was still there, but for the public he was going to be this different character, this god.”

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