The First Presidential Debate Was 'Unproductive,’ Teens Say

Ashley Hendricks September 29, 2020 3 No Comments

The First Presidential Debate Was 'Unproductive,’ Teens Say

Ruth: Onto COVID now…

Kiden: We actually have to be dwelling in a simulation. that is essentially the most unproductive debate ever

Jillian: Chris Wallace is already carried out with this crap

Ruth: Chris stated he wouldn’t be fact-checking anybody tonight and wished to stay “invisible”, so refusing to do his job primarily

Denisce: such a waste of airtime

River: they want love a tiny ball to go round and so they can solely speak after they have the ball

Julissa: THE PRESIDENT HAS NO PLAN – that must be his slogan

Denisce: this can be a debate on who’s least incompetent

Hanna: trump performing as if the US is doing sexy rn .. teen what

Kanyinsola: I’m wondering what it feels love to reside in Delusion. the tens of millions of individuals with out their stimulus test would love a phrase

Annie: the truth that the deaths of 200,000 Americans — an absolute selection by our president — is being debated as if it wasn’t a selection in any respect is totally infuriating

Ava: Trump eliminates any chance for respectable debate.

River: who’s even successful

Denisce: I really feel love i am watching an SNL parody

Kanyinsola: It’s the truth that that is what we now have for a presidency. free us

Denisce: “I’ve talked to everyone I’ve had to talk to” … to deal with a worldwide pandemic? I positive hope he has

Kiden: let’s revolt plz

Hanna: literal theater.

Kanyinsola: This authorities is a joke, this presidency is a joke

Jillian: I feel it is truthful to say that the Chinese authorities ought to have been extra forthcoming with details about the virus. I feel it is unfair to say that he selected to have over 200,000 lifeless however I get why you say it.

Kiden: I feel Trump dealt with the virus poorly. If he did higher, I imagine we nonetheless wouldn’t be right here, I undoubtedly suppose extra individuals may’ve lived

Ava: The Chinese authorities ought to’ve been extra clear on a worldwide public well being situation, however we can’t sit right here and act love Trump’s early inaction didn’t result in pointless demise, and consequently financial downfall.

Annie: i’m dropping my thoughts lmao this debate shouldn’t be salvageable

Jillian: That being stated, debates are jokes and so they’re principally a circle jerk

Ruth: “I want to keep [this country] open” on the expense of Black and brown individuals dying, cool cool

Hanna: let’s shut the controversy down and simply have a golf match at this level. i feel they’d each be higher at it. And yep, Ruth stated it.

He talked about the aged and different susceptible populations, however ignored communities of shade acutely affected by this virus — COOL

Syd: Keeping the whole lot open is making individuals die!!!!!!

River: *trump voice* however the economic system!!

Jillian: But shutting the whole lot down is not the reply both

Denisce: did he simply attempt to clown Joe biden… for carrying a masks….

Kanyinsola: President Trump cares in regards to the pockets of the these which are wealthy in America. But my household deserves to die…..

Denisce: The reply IS shutting the whole lot down

Syd: Okay effectively companies persevering with to become profitable is not extra essential than individuals’s lives.

People do not need to die for the ~economic system~

Hanna: risking brown and black people’ lives to maintain wealthy individuals wealthy and entertained. proper.

Kiden: Masks shouldn’t even be a debate rn….love WHAT?

Annie: in disbelief that we now have to debate about staple items love carrying masks

Ruth: “So far, we have no problem.” Yet, the WH denies that Herman Cain contracted the virus at a Trump rally…I simply—I can’t. *rubs temples*

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