The Dimmer Switch That’s Versatile and Convenient

Jenna Harris February 4, 2020 15 No Comments

Dimmer switch and Jodi Marks at The Home Depot

Lutron’s Sunnata solves the typical issues of additional dimmer switches.

Dimmer switches are fantastic additions to your living spaces since they let you alter an area’s atmosphere together with all the light’s intensity.

Want a more romantic setting for a date night or dinner with friends? Just adjust the dimmer switch to your desired light ambiance and setting! You can immediately set the ideal mood for the event, and that is why dimmers are so common.

However, not all of dimmer switches operate together with all the LED bulbs which the majority of us use nowadays. And that is bad because one thing is sure: LEDs are here in order to remain! LEDs typically last 10 times more than CFLs. For mention, that may translate to 11 years of service, even after burning 12 hours every day!

So, what can you do if you would like a dimmer switch that is compatible with your house? That’s where Lutron’s brand new Sunnata touch dimmer with LED+ Technology comes from!

What’s amazing about the Sunnata dimmer change is it has been tested on tens of thousands of light bulbs along with heaps of manufacturers. As for the verdict? Well, you can expect exceptional dimming of LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs.

There’s a little bit to appreciate around Lutron’s Sunnata dimmer switch. For example, it’s simple to install and flexible — and also you do not require a modern house to utilize it! The Sunnata works with your current wiring, irrespective of your house’s era, and it does not take a neutral wire.

As for working it, you simply tap the rocker to flip the lights off or on. Then you are able to swipe the built-in lighting pub to brighten or dim the lighting. It’s like swiping your smartphone! 

Plus, the light bar on the change glows softly to assist you to find it in a darkened room.

So, this dimmer switch could not be more suitable!

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