Tamera Mowry Says She Wants To Film A “Twitches 3” Alongside Chloe X Halle!

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Roommates, Halloween is right around the corner, but what would the holiday be without our favorite twin witches? Twitches, starring Tia and Tamera Mowry made its debut Disney Channel 15 years before, and it seems like Tamera is ready for a third phase of the movie ! )

While talking with PEOPLE, Tamera states that she’d really like to picture a Twitches 3 with Chloe x Halle, a set of famous sisters she states she certainly loves. Although that they aren’t twins, Tamera states Chloe x Halle are a terrific match for the movie.

“I would love it,” Tamera states ) “I love those girls. I think it would be sick. All we need it Disney to be down. It could be a fun Disney+ kind of movie. I think that would be dope.”

If y’all of recall, Twitches follows the lives of 2 twin witches that were adopted into different families and reunite in their 21st birthday. Once they form a relationship, both find they have magic abilities and they’ve been tasked with rescuing the supernatural kingdom that they had been born to.

Tamera states there aren’t any definite plans for the following Twitches film, but she thinks it’s going to occur at the ideal moment.

“I mean it’s not that my sister and I don’t want to do it,” she states. “We are also always so very busy. It’s insane and it’s a blessing especially in Hollywood, to be able to work along as we have. I think it’s just finding the time and then making sure creatively that it’s okay.”

Would y’all of tune into some Tia and Tamera and Chloe x Halle cooperation, Roomies? Let us understand!

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