Stray Dog Constantly Visits Hyundai Dealership So They Hired Him And Gave Him His Own Badge

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Stray Dog Constantly Visits Hyundai Dealership So They Hired Him And Gave Him His Own Badge

Whenever items do not go our way, it is just very simple to consider giving up. Often, we also don’t recognize that a little persistence may go quite a distance. So, maybe we can learn a lesson or two about the significance of conclusion from this adorable stray dog. Meet Tucson Prime, the latest and most economical “car consultant” in a Hyundai dealership in Brazil.

Named following the automobile maker’s compact SUV, Tucson is really proof that one shouldn’t underestimate the ability of showing up. Because by just doing this, this ascertained doggo was able to get himself adopted and even hired. What’s more, he is now an online celebrity with over 135K followers around Instagram!


Earlier this season, dealership supervisor Emerson Mariano seen Tucson hanging round their workplace one rainy night. Seeing that the state of the bad dog at that moment, he chose to nourish him and provide him a temporary refuge. It did not take long before each of the other employees grew fond of their dog.


Meet Tucson Prime, a stray puppy turned to some pawfessional car adviser from Brazil


Apparently, the feeling has been reciprocal. Tucson also wished to stick around together for good. So, they chose to keep him even called him after one of their brand’s bestselling models. As it ends up, Tucson has also got some wonderful customer service abilities which got him a promotion very quickly.



According into Mariano, Tucson’s existence in their shop has generated positive comments from customers. In reality, a number of them even reunite, maybe not for after-sales concerns however to shed some presents for your dog! At exactly the exact same time, the puppy’s “very caring and docile nature” has also helped enhance their store total atmosphere.


“The company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals.”



Upon adoption, the employees took Tucson into the vet to receive all the needed vaccinations. Now, he hasn’t just become a pawfessional automobile adviser, but he is set to star in one of Hyundai’s advertisement campaigns too. Keep scrolling down to view more photos of the adorable dog on the job!











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