Southwest Airlines To Extend Middle Seat Blocking Through November

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There’s nothing like getting that middle seat unoccupied, when grabbing flights. Luckily, Southwest Airlines has expanded their COVID-19 policies along with the middle seat will stay empty during the holiday season.

“Our goal has been to put forward procedures and policies that we know, ultimately, will bring added comfort in flying by giving our customers an assurance that we’re focused on an environment that fosters wellness,” that a spokesperson with Southwest Airlines told FOX TV Stations.

Southwest will continue to get additional space onboard, maintaining the middle chair available through Nov. 30th. 

“We hope this provides peace of mind as you plan your travel this autumn and through Thanksgiving. Of course, if you are traveling with your family or others, you can still sit together. Otherwise, middle seats will be open,” Ryan Green, SVP & chief marketing officer wrote in a media release, based on Fox 29.

Southwest assessed its policies and processes based on “science and evolved guidance from the CDC and broader medical community,” Ryan Green wrote. 

Southwest will continue to get additional space onboard, maintaining middle chairs open through Nov. 30.

“We expect this gives reassurance as you plan your own journey this fall and during Thanksgiving. Of class, if You’re traveling with your Loved Ones or

other people, it’s still possible to sit together. Otherwise, middle seats will be available,” Green wrote.

Face coverings continue to be demanded during check in, boarding, throughout the flight, and luggage claim.

It’s reported that Southwest Airlines will offer fresh atmosphere on board using a technique very similar to that which hospitals use. An swap of atmosphere each two to three minutes while still flying with a air re-circulation system that introduces outdoor air to the cottage every second while in flight. 

Other upgrades include a multi-layered cleaning program to disinfect the aircraft, ticket counters, gates and baggage claim areas.

“As with our requirement that every person onboard Southwest aged two or older travel with their face covered throughout their journey, or with round-the-clock cleaning in our airport spaces, on every airplane, and between flights every time, our commitment to operate all flights with Middle Seats Open from early May through the Thanksgiving period is about outlining an expectation and ensuring it,” Southwest’s spokesperson said.

Delta expanded their middle chair coverage during the holidays, until January two, 2021.

In July, American Airlines began to reserve flights to power.

“American continues to sell middle seats as we provide critical air service for those who need to travel now,” a spokesperson with American Airlines advised Fox TV Stations. “On an aircraft, social distancing is not viable. Even if middle seats are blocked, passengers are not six feet from the person across the aisle or Clean Commitment to care for the safety and well-being of our customers and team members,” American’s spokesperson said.

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