Sources: NFL can simplify coin throw rules

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Sources: NFL may simplify coin toss rules

After the confusion regarding closing Sunday’s opening coin toss Dallas, the matter is currently predicted to become a point of conversation with the NFL’s competition committee this offseason, league sources told ESPN.

In the match against the Rams, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott originally wasn’t heard stating that Dallas desired to reevaluate the opening kick into the second half.

The NFL could think about simplifying the principles of what players must say to its 2020 year, according to resources. The discussion is expected to centre around whether there’s a means to simplify the terminology concerning the opening coin toss.

As it has become, one of the group’s captains should clearly use the phrase “defer” when determining if his group wishes to obtain the ball to start the game or reevaluate that decision to the second half. There was a matter of if Prescott utilized the term last Sunday prior to the NFL intervened and finally got the call .

Rams quarterback Jared Goff called tails to the opening coin toss that came up heads. Prescott subsequently told referee Walt Anderson his group desired “defense” before pointing into the Rams and stating, “kicking it that way.”

Anderson appeared to affirm Prescott’s decision ( which might give the Rams that the decision to get the football in the second half, also, and video revealed Prescott stating, “We defer to the second half.”

To that Anderson reacted, “OK, you’re going to kick.”

Prescott with the phrase “kicking” until he employed the phrase “defer” generated confusion over if the Cowboys allowed the Rams to obtain the ball to start the second half prior to the NFL intervened and ruled that Dallas could find the ball in the second half.

But the simple fact that there was a query led some previous week to wonder why the NFL does not simplify the language so as to prevent possible controversies.

The Cowboys obtained 44-21.

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