Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Non-Stop Stare At Him

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Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Non-Stop Stare At Him

Have you caught your cat leaping on a high location, leans back then stares at you? Household kitties do this all of the time and there is no reason to freak out since this behaviour is simply standard of felines. This is the reason one store owner set up a glass ceiling therefore that his cats could poll the store from above to their own hearts’ desire. Cats prefer to settle on significant places and observe their environment since they are highly skilled predators. Hanging outside in areas with great vantage points enables them place their prey or some other possible hazards around them.

Taiwanese Twitter user @SCMcrocodile shared photos of his buddy’s store after it had undergone any ceiling alterations. The little store has a loft where his buddy’s cats used to hang about. The store owner decided to substitute several ceiling tiles with glass panels. So, his cats could see what is happening . Since that the glass has been set up, the cats were tracking the whole store from above non invasive. It’s like they are functioning as feline surveillance to the store.


A Twitter User Shared Photos Of His Friend’s Shop With Glass Ceiling Panels So His Cats Can See What’s Happening Below

After @SCMcrocodile tweeted images of the cats seriously staring in the glass ceiling, folks can not help but fall head over heels in love with the adorable kitties. Many individuals even compared them to the first ‘ceiling cat’, one of the first cat memes that required the net by storm in 2006. The meme showcased a curious kitty glancing through a hole in the ceiling of a space. Although the ceiling cat meme became an online happenings, the identity of this kitty remained unidentified before 2012. Sadly, the sin of its own individuality also came with all the sad news the kitty about the photo passed away from 2010.


The ceiling cat memes could earn a resurgence at 2018 when many photos of cats poking their heads through a hole in the ceiling stayed viral. And using @SCMcrocodile’s article going viral also, it is safe to say the ceiling cat continues to reside on. In addition to this glass ceiling pics, @SCMcrocodile also shared other photos of their 3 kitties loitering round the home producing some mischief.


You may also see the video of their ceiling cats under


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