Russell Wilson Tells Ciara He Wants More Babies In Cute Video With Win Wilson

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Papa Russ pumped lovers’ hearts late Wednesday nighttime when he revealed buffs how he amuses his daddy responsibilities with newborn Win Wilson.

Ciara gave birth to her third child and Russell’s instant in late July. There has been lots of concern about health and security enclosing her pregnancy, as is for any elderly woman, provided the present outbreak, however, we were pleased to report Ciara had a healthful and safe delivery!


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Happy Birthday WIN!!! Mommy & Daddy Love You! Win Harrison Wilson 7.23.2020 8lbs 1 oz. ❤👶🏽

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Fast ahead to a bit more than a month later and t seemed to be one of these nights of late afternoon Russell and Ciara using their infant boy. Russell stated he and Ciara were group “no sleep” since they retained Win company who seemed to be wide awake.


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#PressPlay: #TSRDaddyDuties— #RussellWilson told #Ciara he’s ready for more babies! Baby #Win got him convinced 😍

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But # & it 8217;s exactly what Russ mentioned toward the end of the video that had fans of the or her Ciara’s adore buzzing.

As Russell maintained and kissed his baby boyhe disclosed Cici he’s already on board together with enlarging their family !

“We need to have more of these little things,” Russell advised Ciara before jokingly suddenly ended her video.

At this stage, we desire Ciara’s prayer AND her key for her bounce back since sis has shown she can do it twice today!

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