Peeps Has Released A Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Flavor For Those Who Like A Spicy Treat

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Peeps Has Released A Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Flavor For Those Who Like A Spicy Treat

Let’s admit it, Easter treats may find somewhat predictable and dull occasionally. Aside from egg-shaped and bunny-shaped chocolate candies and pastel-colored goodies, we have pretty much seen all of them. Or so we believed. Well, this season’s Easter is looking form of fiery as Peeps marshmallow treats get a brand new Hot Tamales taste. Wait, what? We bet you did not see that one coming.

Just like average Tamales-flavored candies, Peeps’ fresh brood of marshmallow chicks additionally boasts a “fierce cinnamon” taste. To be honest, it is quite a daring move for your own brand. In addition, acquiring a hot taste is most likely the last thing you’d expect of fluffy marshmallows.


Peeps is spicing things up this Easter using a brand new Hot Tamales taste

Peeps Hot Tamales Marshmallow


For starters, Peeps has consistently adhered to sweet or sour flavors. These contain Chocolate Caramel Swirl, Pancakes and Syrup, Fruit Punch, Sour Watermelon and Cotton Candy, to name a couple. And today that the new has made a decision to cross to the hot territory, things have become more intriguing.


Apparently, these red-hot marshmallow girls have existed for quite some time already. In reality, Peeps started teasing lovers of its forthcoming tastes for Easter as early as January. And over precisely the exact same month, the newest formally declared the brand new cool sweet taste is only available at Kroger Family of Companies. These comprise Food 4 ) Less, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter and King Soopers among several others.



Instagram consumers @junkfoodmom and @i_need_a_snack_ were one of the firsts to have seen the new flavor on shelves. The fresh fiery taste comes within a 85-g pack with ten marshmallow girls indoors.


According into @i_need_a_snack_, the chick-shaped marshmallow treats come in a vivid, deep crimson colour –both indoors and outside, surprisingly. Regardless of taste, the interiors of Peeps marshmallows have always been white. So, the consumer noticed that “it was a really cool touch.”


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It’s Review Time! ??? This Easter season is coming in hot, literally! @peepsbrand has teamed up with @hottamalescandy and decided to merge together to bring us a new 2020 Easter candy! I present, Hot Tamale Peeps! • • Now I wanna start of with this before I get anyone’s hopes up! These are a @krogerco exclusive so if you don’t have one by you hit, up ebay or I’m sure will get them possibly! A pack of these will run you about 2.50$ and you get 10 Peeps in a pack! As you can see in the pictures my Peeps were a little deformed ? the left eye was on top of their head, so it was more of a cyclops! Ahaha. The smell on these were AMAZING! Spot on smell to a Hot Tamale, the sweet and spicy cinnamon smell with every whiff! The taste itself I must admit as VERY faint but it is there, which kinda sucks. I wish the Hot Tamale flavor was powerful, like a Hot Tamale but with these Peeps its very subtle, which may be nice for some of my followers who aren’t big cinnamon or spicy fans! I also love how the whole inside of the Peep is dyed red, it was a really cool touch, considering most normal Peeps the marshmallow is white, no matter the flavor! Overall these are a great new addition to the @peepsandcompany family and since they are my favorite Easter candy I will for sure finish these off by the end of the night! ? 8/10 ?

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Meanwhile, in relation to preference, both users asserted the spiciness was fairly on the dim side. Well, that is still very good news particularly for people that aren’t fond of this hot cinnamon flavor.







But given that this is such an unexpected and intriguing crossover, we are definitely not allowing this pass. Now, who is quietly hoping for Mike and Ike and Peanut Chews tastes?

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