Parents Can Now Have The Best View Of The ‘Show’ Thanks To The ‘Birthie Stick’

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Parents Can Now Have The Best View Of The ‘Show’ Thanks To The ‘Birthie Stick’

The manner we capture and immortalize minutes has changed drastically since the development of front-facing cameras onto smart phones and selfie sticks. So we would not blame you in the event that you believe the Birthie Stick is a real matter. In reality, we would be happy to bet that when it had been real, it’d be, into the terror of most, a hit. But until you get your knickers in a group, this shocking item is only a prank box in precisely the exact same company that introduced the DIY Vasectomy Kit. This will surely make the ideal gift box to your anticipating friends!

birthie stick packaging front



Prank that the soon-to-be-parents on your friendship circle with this particular prank box

This shocking new prank box comes loaded with unbelievable details that will definitely fool your receiver (s) into believing it’s the real thing. A false Brandi Rae James is imputed as the product’s creator. According into the description, the rod exists to help parents-to-be to capture every detail of those minutes leading up to the birth of their bundle of pleasure. The stand attaches directly between the thighs, to allow it catch the instant from the worst possible angle .

Birthie Stick packaging


The prank box retails for under $10, however, the response it will inspire will be priceless. Your prank box option will surely make your friend’s baby shower more intriguing. Imagine the jokes! Imagine the emotional images you and your buddies can conjure! Vlogger parents will surely get a kick from the crap box, however we expect it becomes real.


You may match anything out of pacifier sets to infant blankets in this box

the birthie stick prank box in use


Baby shower presents just got far more fun with this shocking gift box. Per the vendor, this box is about the size of a giant phone book. Or, to become specific, the box is 11. 25 inches wide, 9 inches tall and 3 inches. 25 inches deep. Surely, that needs to be sufficient to conceal that infant blankie or jar place you are likely to bestow upon your own friend or relative’s arrival. Another and purpose? It’s made with 100% recyclable cardboard! Furthermore, this box may unquestionably be passed around to the upcoming happy pair, if the giftee thus fantasies.
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Check from the box humorous add-ons:

“Turn a valuable minute to a viral feeling!
Childbirth is not everything that you wish to keep on your own. The Birthie Stick was created to offer steady, high quality video of this blessed occasion using only a smartphone. So friends, family members, and followers may enjoy a close-up view of your infant’s development in the uterus. Content does not get any fresher!”

phone showing birth video captured using the birthie stick



“The HouseCall program turns the entire world into a delivery area.
Save time and money by utilizing this Birthie Stick using the newest HouseCall app. Just log once your water breaks, along with also a board-certified obstetrician will help you through your delivery process from the comfort of, well, everywhere!”

Birthie Stick product info



“Gender colour mounts make your day unique.
Welcome your new package with vibrant pink and blue mounting hardware. Use classic black if you do not know the baby’s sex in advance or even opt not to reinforce gender stereotypes”

Birthie Stick packaging back



birthie stick use suggestions


The box asserts the fictitious stick may also be used to catch different kinds of content from its distinctive vantage point. You can supposedly use it to take whatever you want out of a slick skateboarding snippet to whatever you believe will appear cool shot from between your thighs! We have no doubt if this is a real item, sure reality TV stars would have already used it.

How relating to you personally? Would you use this rod to document your child’s birth? Or if it only stay a humorous idea? Anyway, where you reside in this dialog, you can not deny how funny that this prank box concept is! Get it to your sister’s/bestie’s/cousin’s baby shower here! )

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