One Year of WayV: The Chinese Pop Group on Fanboying, Shrek, and Their Vision for its Future

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One Year of WayV: The Chinese Pop Group on Fanboying, Shrek, and Their Vision for the Future

YangYang adds,”Lucas is stating that Xiaojun grew up singing ballads thus that his voice matches slow tunes but if you add his voice into a hip-hop tune, by way of instance, it blends nicely, even if it’s in another fashion. It’s a different degree, a combined culture”

Ten provides another instance, “WinWin does traditional Chinese dance so we’re like, why don’t we use that for the next album? It makes WayV unique. We can mix pop culture and traditional Chinese dance to create something new.” Ten proposes WinWin attempt to talk again in English, and everyone cheers in service as he clears his throat“Chinese dance looks like ballet and Chinese Kung Fu,” WinWin admits, then nods to signify he has said his piece. “It’s over!” yells YangYang, who appears forever chipper. “But yeah, that style is a mix of different kinds of Chinese dance. And every time we watch WinWin, we think, ‘Ahhh, my god!’” “So beautiful!” Kun adds in English. Ten quips with a smirk, “At Chinese New Year they wear traditional red outfits and perform the dragon dance. If we use that, maybe WinWin can be the dragon.” Everyone laughs but WinWin, who’s clearly less thrilled with the thought.

Because of the upbringing and instruction, each member speaks at least 2 languages fluently (Korean and Mandarin) and many talk four. In a current Instagram reside, YangYang and Ten deliberated over what language to speak to one another in like choosing an item from a menu. The group combinations English, Korean and Mandarin when talking to each other, but what languages do they all believe in? Hendery’s hand churns upward in the atmosphere, “for me, Cantonese.” Ten believes in Thai and English, WinWin at Mandarin, YangYang at Mandarin and English. Kun believes in Korean at Korea and Mandarin when he is in China. Lucas’s eyes nearly pop out of the head as he exclaims in Korean,”I really do not understand!” Before continuing in English, “sometimes,” and then shifting to Mandarin, “I think in Mandarin, sometimes in Korean.” He scrunches his shoulders and moves up his hands in the atmosphere, such as the shrug emoji because he admits, “I only think in Cantonese when I am angry.” WinWin explodes into bliss and YangYang tries to translate but dissolves into giggles where stage Kun loses it, also. Does Lucas too talk in Cantonese when he is angry? Ten nods quickly, eyes wide, to support.

From the corner, Xiaojun speaks up, “I think a lot.” Lucas throws his head back with a crazy laugh, thrilled by this unprompted introspection. Ten clarifies that Xiaojun is “the moodmaker” of this group, a phrase widely utilized in K-pop to explain”someone that becomes the major focus since they are unique and enjoyable to observe. With this sort of character you capture people’s attention without knowing it sometimes Xiaojun gets worried since he is like, ‘What happened? What did I do, why are they pointing at me?’” Xiaoun smiles from under an ashy platinum Celtics.

“Bringing power to individuals, that is what I need to perform,” Xiaojun states, when asked about songs. “When I write a song it’s always as a gift to others. Three years ago one of my friends was going through a hard time.” His dark brows are furrowed and the room is hushed, “I wrote a song to bring her warmth and power.” He moves his hands together, like praying, while he speaks about finding power in himself, “Other people can go out to coffee shops, but with our tight schedules, I can’t do that a lot, so I often try to sit alone with myself and be quiet when I’m in a noisy space. That allows me to process everything and take it all in. I usually read books about life, philosophy books.” Ten jumps in to add an external view, “If you know Xiaojun, he’s a guy who believes in the concept that love is everything in the world, so you have to give him a lot of love…” Ten is cut away Hendery who admits in Chinese, “He’s turning red now!” A blushing Xiaojun groans, “Ohhh my God!” and disappears beneath the desk. “He’s shy” states Ten, as Xiaojun pops up to discuss one more idea, “Through reading books I find peace, even in those noisy places.” Ten smiles at him and coos “cute!” at Korean.

Throughout the dialogue, Kun was sitting in his seat, supervising and providing calm, hardly perceptible instructions to his associates in Chinese. As Xiaojun combs through his ideas, Kun indicates that Lucas attempt to”restrain [his] feelings” thus Xiaojun could express himself without any diversion. At yet another stage, after a query is introduced to the whole group, Kun educates the members to “speak clearly” should they decide to reply. Kun is the earliest in addition to being the leader and has mentioned he does not like to be called the “mother of the group.” Nevertheless, that he appears to function as a parental voice of reason. “As a leader, I don’t do anything special,” he says humbly, “But I always work on being the glue of the group, to help us be more united. My role is to make us better.” When WayV lately won Best New Asian Artist in the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Kun wasn’t so gathered. “I was nervous, you could view my hands were shaking,” he moans.

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