Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo (GT) Hawk

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Jake Kaywell sent us a pic of the stunning 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo (GT) Hawk. He added a backstory into his love affair with classic cars.

When I became a convert to the world of cars when I was all of seven years old, and I never imagined my automotive pleasure would be as outdated as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Dr. No, but weirder things have definitely occurred. It has been a lengthy and winding road to get there, so let us browse its furrowed paths collectively.

The one automobile which made an effect on my development greater than any other was a fire-engine reddish 1966 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk. III which has been driven rather aggressively by one Mr. Newman, a Londoneer by arrival. To hear the raspy roar of the 3.0 liter straight-six engine backed up with a chunky four-speed was nothing short of magnificent. He would take me rides to hither and yon, with the aim being nothing more than the experience itself. It was a magic moment, a fantastic moment. I have never forgotten it him along with the beliefs I had formed.

From that point forward, I fervently started saving all of the pennies that I could from various sources. Summer tasks, independent business ventures (for example, selling Valentine’s Day cards once I had been 11), also making As in my report card at college. Using those methods, I was able to save up a $10,000 at the time I was sixteen, a good amount to find a beginner classic. With my father also enthusiastically supporting me personally, both concerning wisdom and funds, it had been time to search.

I’d stay up all night most nights for a complete calendar year, frequently to the detriment of my sleeping program, so as to educate myself about cars and their foibles through the Internet. Not just did I know the best way to do things like basic upkeep, I became conscious of the entire history of automobiles. From the favorite national makes of this Big Three, into the apparently otherworldly imports, this procedure was of much interest and fascination to me. However, while I toyed with the two these temptations, I stumbled to the occurrence of this Independent camp. I am very glad of it.

The expression “Independent” is a frequent moniker for all those American companies that survived World War II and weren’t connected with the Big Three in almost any capacity. Examples contain Packard, Studebaker, Kaiser, Willys, Crosley, Nash, Hudson, and (later) AMC. I picked Studebaker from most these because of its captivating history and refreshing fashion.

Studebaker was set back into the heady, “Go West Young Man” times of 1852. Through that a mix of hard work along with a guarantee to ‘Give a little more than you promise’ (the Studebaker household slogan ), it turned into the best wagon-maker in the united states.

Presidents and kings, farmers and retailers alike utilized them, also by 1920 that the Studebaker Corp was the only company of its kind to be completely committed to creating passenger automobiles and trucks. )

Through the forthcoming decades, Studebaker dazzled the industry with avant-garde styling, thoughtful technology along with a reputation for build quality.

The orphan and bizarre marques are usually abandoned by most people and are handed over even though they donated quite a lot. In that the GT Hawk’s instance, it had been a last bid of dire originality by what few automobile men still existed Studebaker so as to provide some type of life into the automobile division. The bodyshell is the specific same as the legendary 1953 “Loewy coupe”, down into the door-sills. It appears and feels just like a mix between European and American design characteristics, which I think makes for a better automobile. It also feels obsolete even for its time frame with its vertical radiator grille and narrow proportions, but I surely do not mind. To me, that only makes it more of a classic.

I’ve understood her ‘Daisy-Mae’ since I think that it suits her as well as biscuits do milk.

This particular Hawk is automobile number 3295 from a total of 9335 generated in 1962. Its designation of 62V-K6 suggests it was a US-market automobile using all the aging but still admired 289cu in V8, compelling out roughly 210 Civil War-age horses.

The Hawk was sold fresh in Sacramento, California, into some Ms Helen Potter, who purchased mill air-con, a Borg-Warner four-speed manual transmission along with also the Twin Traction limited-slip differential, although not power steering or power brakes. Good skies, Helen, what exactly were you thinking?

Anyway, it took me several years to get her and I don’t have any intentions of promoting her. Driving her and telling her story is significant not merely for myself in my young age of just 20 years but also for everyone I meet that they also can experience a beautiful stop on a less-traveled route. 

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