Nickelodeon Pulls “Made by Maddie” After Fans Point Out Similarities into Matthew A. Cherry's“Hair Love”

Ashley Hendricks September 6, 2020 7 No Comments

Nickelodeon Pulls “Made by Maddie” After Fans Point Out Similarities to Matthew A. Cherry's“Hair Love”

Made by Maddie, Nickelodeon‘s latest Nick Jr. Series, was slated to premiere on September 13. But following a number of individuals on social media pointed out that the numerous ways that the characters from the animated series appear to mirror the figures Matthew A. Cherry’s 2019 short movie, Hair Love, Nickelodeon is yanking the show from the lineup.

Nickelodeon initially teased the show using a still picture of this show’s most important character, Maddie, a young Black woman with a pink headband, in addition to her dad, who wore dreadlocks, along with her mother, who sport natural hair. Users immediately spotted some overlaps with all the figures from Hair Love( that follows a young Black woman named Zuri, because her father attempts to do her own hair for the first time. Issa Rae supplied her voice into the latter generation, which won Best Animated Short Film in the 2020 Oscars.

Almost instantly, individuals on social media started calling Nickelodeon outside for what they believed to be plagiarism. “This series idea is so cute and I know it will make a lot of little girls happy… but this is still plagiarism…? Like, why not just hire black creatives like @MatthewACherry…?” one individual wrote.

“YOU DIDN’T DREAM THIS OR DRAW IT,” another wrote in reaction to this creative copy the Nick Jr. Twitter manage used to introduction Maddie into the planet.” #BlackCreatorsMatter You believed you were planning to slip from #MatthewCherry directly in our faces we weren’t planning to say anything??!”

For his role, Cherry retweeted a tweet which contrasted pictures from the 2 projects, with crucial emoji. He also responded to someone who pointed out Hair Love is assumed to acquire a string of its own; based on Shadow & Act, the job is defined to be called Young Love and will centre Zuri; her parents, Stephen and Angela; and their feline, Rocky. It will debut on HBO Max, though a streak date hasn’t yet been declared.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon mentioned they obtained Made by Maddie by a manufacturing company called Silvergate Media, but are carrying Made by Maddie off its roster while they research the manufacturing procedure. In a statement, the network said,”Since declaring that the show’s premiere date this week, we’ve been listening intently to the comment, criticism and concern stemming from the members and viewers of this creative community. In answer, and from regard to voices in the dialogue, we’re eliminating the series from our program as we garner additional insight to the creative journey of the series. We are thankful to Silvergate Media for all their work. And we grip Matthew A. Cherry as well as the superb and inspirational Hair Love at the maximum regard.”

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