Mountain Dew Has A New VooDew Mystery Flavor For Halloween

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Mountain Dew Has A New VooDew Mystery Flavor For Halloween

It appears like releasing puzzle tastes is gradually turning into a product marketing trend that is here to remain. After it all assists manufacturers create buzz online. More importantly, it attracts people to really purchase their merchandise from interest. Apparently, this approach seems to be functioning good for Mountain Dew. And that is why they’re bringing their VooDew for its next time about that Halloween using a fresh puzzle taste!

In case you have missed it, the beverage manufacturer released its first-ever puzzle flavor this past year, they later demonstrated to be sweet corn. This year, they are back at it again, so get ready to place your taste buds to the test after more! Reddit consumer swagemp was one of the very first to provide the online world a trailer of this new puzzle fizz.

Just like last season’s version, the pop comes at a foggy white colour, in order to not provide any hints on its own potential taste. However, the packing seems to be comparatively different from the 2019 version. Last year’s packaging was purple and black with yellow and orange specifics. Meanwhile, this season’s packaging is red and black with yellow and green specifics.


Get ready to battle your taste buds once more since Mountain Dew’s VooDew is back with a brand new puzzle taste!

The Reddit consumer had a opportunity to taste the beverage and reasoned that it’s marshmallow taste. However, at a more recent remark, the consumer rescinded his “marshmallow prediction.” This came later Mountain Dew’s Instagram article with a brief animated clip regarding the new puzzle taste. Apparently, the clip shown that the hint, “Andi Crufty,” which net sleuths immediately speculated to be “fruit candy.”


Meanwhile, based on bite reviewer @snackgator, this season’s version tastes exactly like Skittles. However, do notice that Skittles was among individuals’s top suspects for final year’s edition that turned out to function as candy corn. Apparently, there is no way to tell however. So, your very best bet is to follow along Mountain Dew’s official webpages and also be watching out for more hints in their upcoming articles!


Luckily, different Instagram consumers have already seen this fresh drink in shops. So much, it is offered in Meijer and ShopRite stores and comes from equally 12-oz cans and 16.9-oz bottles.





As the packaging indicates, this brand new Voodew taste is a limited-edition that offers just. So, anticipate it will be gone when Halloween is finished. Hopefully, it’ll be accessible in more retailers shortly because we seriously can not wait to question our taste buds !

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