Mom Comes Up With Creative Meals For Her Kids And It’s Borderline Food Art

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Mom Comes Up With Creative Meals For Her Kids And It’s Borderline Food Art

So, one of the largest challenges of being a parent is having to successfully nourish children with food that is nutritious. You understand, without needing to run after them , worse, cope with their inconsolable tantrums. Sure, it is no secret that many kids are picky eaters. However, would not it be fine if they could only eat everything they’re served with no fuss? Well, one mother has discovered the answer for this significant parenting difficulty since she prepares delectably cute meals for her children.

Hailing from Japan, mother of 3 Etoni Mama, as she is known online, is unquestionably a kyaraben expert. Kyaraben is the abbreviated form of kyarakuta bento which translates into personality boxed lunch at English. It entails a creative manner of organizing meals to make them look like animals, plants, people and pop culture personalities.


So, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of Her Culinary Creations


This Winnie Dish Looks Too Good To Eat And It Is a Masterpiece



Seems such as the Mom of three from Japan is a kyuraben expert



So, Etoni Mama really goes out of her way to prepare her kids’ food. By, treating every dish like a part of artwork, Etoni Mama intricately arranges all food components in a bowl or container. Above she makes them seem like cartoon characters her kids –8, 10 and 12 years old –would absolutely adore!





She creates mealtimes for her kids more entertaining and exciting by integrating adorable cartoon characters into their foods




But, regardless of what the component is, Etoni Mama is Guaranteed to Locate a way to change it in an adorable personality





In Fact, Etoni Mama understands what it is like to have a picky eater in the family, since it had been her fussy next daughter who motivated her to make mealtimes more enjoyable with pleasure food structures and demonstrations.


“I first got an idea to create a face out of ingredients in order to make it fun for my picky second daughter.”


While she works with Many Different components for her dishes, she is especially talented in using fried eggs because the foundation for her roles









Kids in addition to children in mind will certainly adore Etoni Mama’s carefully curated and exceptionally cute creations!





But, functioning for a nursery teacher, the mother behind the foods revealed she just has limited time per day to prepare foods. So, on average, it takes her about an hour or so to complete one character-based dish, complete with plating and garnishing. Despite the time limits, she guarantees to create the dishes taste like they seem.

“When I look at the ingredients, I can imagine many characters. But since it’s the food for my daughters, it is absolutely necessary for it to be delicious.”

So, which adorable dish is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: Etoni Mama

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