Modern & Fresh Guest Room Reveal

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Modern & Fresh Guest Room Reveal

This contemporary and new guest room makeover was long overdue. Check outside the show!

If you follow me on Instagram, you understand that we eventually painted our guest space back January in precisely the exact same time we had it (along with Attley’s space and Avery’s space ) re-carpeted. That was the very first step in the makeover of the guest room. But we then did not do anything else, other than fill it with a whole lot of things we had been too lazy to purge or take until the loft. So it seemed just like this by January via July–please do not judge us.

I had been having difficulty finding the motivation to really do anything in this area. But in July my sister texted me about coming to see (YAY!) , so that I finally had a reason to receive my bum into gear. I put aside a day to clean out this room. Sadly, that is what I had been left after I purged that which I could and hauled the remainder of it into our loft. It was really, very, very dull. But that meant it was a blank slate for us to do pretty much anything we wanted!

boring guest room before makeover

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The Plan for its Guest Room

After clearing out the room, I put together a layout strategy for this distance. This is exactly what I created.

guest room makeover mood board

Guest Room Mood Board Sources

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Our Favorite Mini Wreath Options - Modern & Fresh Guest Room Reveal

The Sudden Change of Plans

I was super enthusiastic about the layout for the space and arranged everything I wanted exactly the exact same evening that I came up with the plan program. Everything except the background because I desired a sample of it initially. Well, good thing I held off on purchasing the background as it was before my sister seen in July we chose to proceed (YES, you read correctly–you can read about this HERE). Wallpaper is one of the things that turns prospective buyers away (unless they have been absolutely love the background you picked ), thus we chose to bypass it.

We also knew we had to immediately provide our master bath a refresh rate earlier listing our home available. I ended up with these baskets I had arranged to your guest room in our master bath since they were just excellent for the space. See for yourself under:-RRB- You can view all of the photos of our exceptionally budget-friendly master bath makeover in this informative article .

colorful woven baskets

With these modifications, each of the other programs stayed undamaged, lol!

The Guest Room Makeover Reveal

Enough chatter. Take check out just how nicely the guest area turned out!

One thing that always bothered me about our guest space is the light fixture was not based over the bed. We did not wish to move the electric box, so that I simply produced a swag using the ring cord to repair this matter. So glad I did. I learned about this GEM of a light fixture in my Instagram buddy Diane Rath of The Rath Project (she is an amazing designer). I was terrified it was likely to be pricey, but it is amazingly inexpensive!

modern guest room reveal

I’m entirely obsessed with this bed. I’ve termed her Isabella. And my women and I made that DIY canvas artwork ourselves!

modern guest room makeover
modern and colorful guest room

The striped dresser was added into the program after the actuality. Since it is the only other bit of furniture in the room, we wanted it to get more storage than a traditional nightstand. It’s not quite high quality (in actuality, it seems somewhat flimsy), however in this low cost I was not anticipating solid wood or something. And I fell in love with all the stripes!

guest room reveal after makeover

Now let us turn our focus to another side of this area. This is exactly what it seemed like. I believed I had finally painted all our inside doors navy blue just to realize I had forgotten that one, lone doorway. It taunted me.

guest room with different color doors

At long ago, we painted it (and altered the springs and knobs, exactly as we did with the rest of the inside doors in our home ). It eventually appears complete! The drapes and plant make room look finished too.

guest room makeover reveal

I’m so pleased with the way it was AND am rather glad the distance managed to be appreciated by my own sister, niece AND mother-in-law already! Happy it had been used several days before we must pack this up and proceed:-RRB-

Guest Room Sources

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Modern amp Fresh Guest Room Reveal - Modern & Fresh Guest Room Reveal
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