Meet that the “Record of Youth” Cast: Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and More

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Meet the “Record of Youth” Cast: Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and More

He finally gives himself one final shot to turn his dreams into reality until he must fulfil his mandatory army service. (In a spin of art imitating life, Bo-chewing enlisted from the South Korean decal on August 31 of the season.) For the celebrity, Hye-jun’s battles are relatable to his experience in the entertainment area. “I hope that my peers, who are also working toward their dreams, can relate to him,” that he told Soompi.

Perhaps best known for his breakout role in Reply 1988, which can also be readily available to flow on Netflix, along with the favorite dream period play, Love at the Moonlight, Bo-gum is indeed attractive on screen the term”Park Bo-gum magic” is popular among lovers. Equally as bewitching is that his voice. The actor and entertainer graduated with a degree in musical theater in Myongji University — since perfection does exist within the individual type of Park Bo-gum.

Park So-dam as An Jeong-ha

Record of Youth is Park So-dam’s first onscreen role since her breakthrough performance at Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning Parasite, which got her along with the throw a Screen Actors Guild Award along with the adoration of Hollywood and movie Twitter alike. But Parasite fans should prepare to find a new side to So-blossom as An Jeong-ha, a newbie makeup artist by day and also hard-working beauty and lifestyle YouTuber through the nighttime. When in regards to Jeong-ha, patience is the life’s most important merit. (Her name seems like this Korean term for “stable,” along with also her YouTube channel is called “I Like Stability.”)

Jeong-ha is enthusiastic about three things: her job, her house (which she purchased on a 30-year loan), and also style design Sa Hye-jun. Described as a “diligent fangirl” by her very best friend, Jeong-ha’s passion for Hye-jun imbues her with a feeling of motivation. “Fangirling over you is what keeps me going,” she states to a photo of Hye-jun on her phone. (She has an whole folder full of his runway photos, demonstrating that she is the series’s most relatable character) In Hye-jun, she discovers someone who is equally as meticulous as she is, and also the pair dancing around each other when driving the highs and lows of following their dreams. For Jeong-ha, which means living a joyful life of equilibrium, with no vulnerability and unpredictability that comes with falling in love. Clearly, her blossoming friendship with Hye-jun will challenge a few of those viewpoints.

“I believe childhood is continually taking on new challenges and growing as a individual,” So-dam told Soompi concerning the play’s coming-of-age themes.

Record of all Youth is the 29-year old celebrity’s first television play in four decades, having concentrated on movie jobs in the past couple of decades. Those attempting to add two global titles to their film queues should have a look at historic thriller The Silenced and unnatural play The Priests, two names that display So-dam’s scene-stealing skills in supporting functions. But following the runaway success of Parasite, a significant leading role may be later on. She’s a favorite among Marvel fans to land the coveted role of Korean-American superhero Cindy Moon at Marvel’s Silk tv show.

Byeon Woo-seok as Won Hae-hyo

Model and actor Byeon Woo-seok finishes this inevitable love triangle as warm-hearted Won Hae-hyo, Hye-jun’s best friend since childhood and his main rival in the business.

Despite their shared fantasy to parlay their modeling careers into film stardom, Hae-hyo and Hye-jun could not be more distinct. They’re like ice and fire: Hae-hyo together with his delicate, full attributes, also Hye-jun together with his striking angles along with steely gaze. There’s and the fact that Hae-hyo was born to money, although Hye-jun is your housekeeper’s son. Still, they have something to prove, and they do not allow their ambition and self come between their friendship. The idea of success in the other’s cost is an embarrassing one, particularly for Hae-hyo, that utilizes his own privilege and growing influence as a leading model-turned-actor to assist his buddy. Though, unbeknownst to his adorable mother — who’ll do anything to see his child turned into a celebrity, even though it means purchasing his Instagram followers — is yanking the strings of his budding career.

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