Malaysian Barista Is Regarded As One Of The Best Latte Artist In The World

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A vast majority of the populace can not operate with their everyday cuppa joe. Essentially, java behaves like gas for us caffeine-dependent mortals. Thankfully, there is about a dozen different ways to appreciate this sacred brew. Especially that the latte, which we like not only for its taste but also for the stunning latte artwork that adorns the beverage. And seemingly, 21-year old barista, Irvine Quek Siew Lhek, creates the very best latte art on earth.


To start with, he made the title after winning the 2019 World Latte Battle held in Seoul, South Korea, with a design he worked on refining for months. The Malaysian barista won the tournament over South Korean, Kim Young Jin, using a 10-point lead. Quek bested his peers together with the layout he called “Bear’n Fish”.


Irvin is your latte art circle’s fastest rising star.

Interestingly, latte art goes back centuries. And that the custom of producing wonderful images employing sleek smooth micro foam has not changed too much. However, the craft goes through a great deal of innovation, because baristas frequently make their own layouts after refining the principles.



Quek has five decades of experience under his belt. His travel to becoming one of the most celebrated latte artists began when he was just 15 years old. At that moment, he was employed as a part-time worker for a Malaysian milk-tea series store. There, Irvin had the chance to gradually master the basic methods of earning coffee.



However, the budding latte artist turned into a formal barista when he fulfilled the prior boss of 103 Coffee Workshop. Not long afterwards, Irvin resolutely stopped high school and concentrated on his own passion for producing art on java. When asked about his motivation, he explained,

“I just wanted to participate in competitions to prove my ability. The expression of latte art should be interactive. I need to know if my latte art conveys my inspiration clearly and makes customers happy.”


Becoming that a Champion is Hard Work

According into Irvine, the trip to linking the contest was not as simple as he thought it’d be. He failed to win Malaysian competitions and was not approved to the entire world championship during his very first effort purely for his nerves! In reality, his enthusiasm for the craft climbed more when he combined the Ristr8to World Latte Art Battle at 2017. Here, he has the opportunity to interact with his idol, Arnon Thitiprasert. “Arnon won World Latte Art Champion that year,” Irvine said. A year later, this name belonged to Irvine.

After winning the 2018 WLAC, Irvine immediately started creating new routines upon coming home. “Before this, I had to take the rating scale into consideration. As a result, I had to give up the impulse to try many new ideas,” he explained. It’s safe to state the name’s definitely enabled him to appreciate greater creative freedom. In a brief while, he had managed to whip 15 brand new layouts!


He’s won the latte art tournament back.





Irvine maintained his name after winning this year’s WLAC championship. His winning design includes a bear with a fish in its mouth. The design, according to the artist, took more than 3 weeks to perfect. With the fish and bear so cleanly comprehensive, it is not tough to see why it won top prize!


Additionally, Irvine has engaged in 5 important latte art contests since his introduction 2017. The 21-year old barista has surely come a very long way from being a milk-tea store part-timer. So, his risky decision to eschew high school appears to have worked out for the very best! Besides, why stick with the normal once you’ve figured out that your true calling, right?


He’s mixing style and java with his product collaborations.




These days, he is definitely enjoying the very best of what life offers to get a planet latte art winner. Currently, the gifted barista has 43,400 followers Instagram. He formally declared his very own brand, Nasty Jug, before this season also. As of composing, Nasty Jug now offers trend items in cooperation with @hype_my. Finally, lovers of this java art prodigy can find a pair of ceramic mugs in the manufacturer to relish, therefore getting their very own cup to practice their craft . Irvine has also released a distinctive milk frothing pitcher for baristas to add to your own collection.




Can you imagine what he is earning this video before he shows it?


Just watching him pouring the milk foam calms us. In flip side, we can see him perform it for hours and believe only awe. In conclusion, if you are in Singapore, make it a priority to fall 103 Coffee Workshop at Sri Petaling! ) Would you’re able to sip and destroy their stunning latte arts? Tell us at the comments below!

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