London On Da Track Asks Fans To “Name A Better Duo” Than Him & Summer Walker–And Social Media Has A Field Day

Ashley Hendricks March 24, 2020 37 No Comments

Summer Walker London On Da Track

Fans are still in an uproar concerning the disturbing video of R&B few Summer Walker along with her producer/boyfriend London On Da Track. In an attempt to seemingly shift the story, London recently submitted a photo of both and asked a question which attracted a tide of shade on social networking.

As we previously mentioned, Summer Walker and London On Da Track submitted a video to Instagram of London choking her. Many lovers were very alarmed in the video footage, while some noticed that both were only playing and he was not harming her.

In the video, London catches Summer’s neck and if she informs him it hurts, he will not let go. She then tells him to stop, but he continues to maintain his hands around her throat. That’s when he tells her to state she loves himwhich Summer reacts, “I love you. Get off me.” However, he doesn’t let go and brings her nearer to him and states, “Give me a f**kin’ kiss.”

Fast ahead into the current and London published a photo to Instagram of himself siting between Summer legs together with the caption, “Name a better music duo.” It did not take long for the answers to flood in, together with social media users departing opinions of practically every mythical duo in presence except for themself and Summer.

Meanwhile, they continue to deny any violent action happening in their connection.


Roommates, what are the ideas on this?

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