Jeannine Lee Lake, Black Woman Running For Congress Against Mike Pence’s Brother, Targeted With Racial Harassment

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Jeannine Lee Lake, Black Woman Running For Congress Against Mike Pence’s Brother, Targeted With Racial Harassment

Jeannine Lee Lake, the sole black woman running for federal office in Indiana, has become the target of a racist harassment throughout her existing campaign. She’s working against Mike Pence’s brother Greg Pence, who formerly defeated her if she campaigned in 2018.

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According into AP reports, Lake says she has received many racist and threatening messages throughout her campaign for the legal seat Indiana’s 6th District. Her fear attained new heights last week after hearing what she believed was gunfire in front of a campaign event.

Lake told the AP she had only parked outside Vera Mae’s Bistro at Muncie Thursday when she discovered what she considers were three gunshots out her driver’s side window and called authorities. Muncie’s Police Capt. Steve Cox said officers responded to the scene soon following 8 pm An evaluation is continuing, based on Cox.

Scary material right? We’re sad to determine fear approaches have continued to become such a significant portion of American politics in 2020.

Lake stated she began becoming unsolicited phone messages and damage to private property following the Delaware County GOP released her private address and contact data in a Facebook post late this summer. She states a number of the voicemails included racial slurs and filthy language directed at her.

“You’re nothing but a loudmouth frickin’ n(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk),” a guy explained in one of those messages Lake shared with The Associated Press.

Insane. It gets worse compared to the calls also. Lake says last month she and among her campaign aides were sent a 22 page record that included private particulars about her divorce and private whereabouts. The research comprised information that is not accessible online — and Lake stated she believed that the bundles to be “personal threats”.

While this clearly rattled Lake, Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman, who examined the case, stated the files included “no explicit or implicit threats” and “no crime has been committed.”

In September, but a crime has been committed. Lake made a sheriff’s office report after land at her residence was vandalized. She stated a private cellphone, door connectors and campaign signals were shot out of her campaign RV following the rear window has been broken into. Pence refused participation in both events and requested for a complete investigation. His spokesman,” Kyle Robertson talked with all the Associated Press on Friday, replicating Pence’s petition for an investigation.

“Congressman Greg Pence does not condone any sort of this behavior and supports a full investigation,” Robertson told the AP.

Lake is currently considering suspending all on site campaign actions over security issues for her or his team.

“I’m afraid, and I hate that I feel this way,” she explained. “But all of these things together, it has my senses heightened — way more than during any campaigning before.”

During her campaign Lake has spoken out against racism and in support of civil rights. This summertime she critiqued Pence on societal media following an antiques mall that he co-owns at Edinburgh, Indiana was found to be selling things that included racist depictions of African Americans.

What do you do if you’re Jeannine Lee Lake? ) Would you avert in-person events too? Even if Greg Pence is not directly accountable, do you believe he ought to do more to discourage his fans by targeting his opponent in his manner?

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