Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)

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Italy September 2020 Government incentives lift private sales up 25 - Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)Renault Captur gross sales are up 139.5% year-on-year in Italy in September. Picture

The scrappage schemes and inexperienced automobile incentives carried out at the beginning of August in Italy have had an opportunity to stretch their legs in September which marks the primary year-on-year achieve of 2020 at a strong +9.8% to 157.253 registrations. This results in a year-to-date tally down -34% or roughly 500.000 items to 972.959. Unlike Spain (813.142 Covid instances as of at present), France (664.289) and the UK (518.227), Italy (327.586) hasn’t skilled a 2nd wave of coronavirus, minimising the danger of lockdowns within the final quarter of 2020. In this context, we have now amended our 2020 Forecast for Italy up from 1.38 million (-28%) final month to 1.43 million (-25%). However native producers affiliation UNRAE factors that the nice results of September is additional proof that incentive insurance policies are a essential software to beat a unprecedented market disaster”, and must be extended in an effort to preserve oxygen flowing in the direction of the automotive trade.

Italy September 2020 Government incentives lift private sales up 25 - Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)The new hybrid model accounts for 46.5% of Panda gross sales this month.

Propped by incentives, personal gross sales soar 25% year-on-year to 107.932 and a shocking 68.6% share vs. 60.3% in September 2019, rental gross sales are up 5.8% to 27.419 and 17.4% share vs. 18.1% together with 3.378 short-term leases (+14.4%) and 20.758 long run leases (+5%). Company gross sales dive -29% to 21.902 and 13.9% of the market vs. 21.6% a yr in the past. Year-to-date, personal gross sales additionally fare “best” at -27.4% to 610.624 and 62.8% share vs. 57% over the identical interval in 2019, rental gross sales are off -40.1% to 221.201 and 22.7% share vs. 25% final yr, together with 53.816 short-term leases (-57.5%) and 148.881 leases (-30.2%) whereas firm gross sales drop -46.6% to 141.134 and 14.5% share vs. 17.9% in 2019.

Italy September 2020 Government incentives lift private sales up 25 - Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)The Dacia Sandero is up 93.9% in September.

Looking at gross sales by gasoline, petrol is down -19.1% in September to 51.607 and 32.8% share vs. 44.6% a yr in the past, diesel solely edges down -3% to 50.863 and 32.3% share vs. 36.6%, GPL is up 8.2% to 11.963 and seven.6% vs. 7.7%, HEV soars 214.1% to 32.349 and 20.6% share vs. 7.2%, BEV is up 225.3% to 4.089 and a couple of.6% vs. 0.9% and PHEV shoots up 263.8% to 2.874 and 1.8% share vs. 0.6%. Year-to-date, petrol is down -39.4% to 389.544 and 40% share vs. 43.6%, diesel is off -44.1% to 340.003 and 34.9% vs. 41.3%, GPL down -39.9% to 64.158 and 6.6% vs. 7.2%, HEV up 60.6% to 126.070 and 13% vs. 5.3%, BEV up 127.6% to 17.549 and 1.8% vs. 0.5% and PHEV up 210.3% to 12.362 and 1.3% vs. 0.3%.

Italy September 2020 Government incentives lift private sales up 25 - Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)The Suzuki Ignis breaks into the Italian Top 20 for the primary time.

Over within the manufacturers rating, Fiat (+19.3%) for as soon as vastly outperforms an already sturdy market, that means its share virtually matches its YTD degree at 14.8% vs. 15%. However sturdy Fiat’s efficiency is in September, it isn’t probably the most spectacular: under Volkswagen (-3.5%), Renault (+75.5%) and sis model Dacia (+62.4%) have actually flown off Italian dealerships this month, respectively up 2 spots on August to #Three and up one to #8. Jeep (+24.4%), Toyota (+16.1%) and Ford (+12%) additionally impress with market-beating double-digit good points within the the rest of a Top 10 that sees no carmaker in unfavorable: Mercedes (+7%), Peugeot (+3.5%) and Citroen (+1.7%) posting extra modest will increase. Further down, Tesla (+154.9%), Suzuki (+98.1%), Skoda (+48.4%), Honda (+32.8%) and Mitsubishi (+29.8%) stand out whereas amongst smaller manufacturers Great Wall (+525%), DR Motor (+192.1%), Mahindra (+129.6%) and Aston Martin (+100%) shine.

Italy September 2020 Government incentives lift private sales up 25 - Italy September 2020: Government incentives carry personal gross sales up 25%, set off first market carry of 2020 (+9.8%)The Mercedes GLA breaks its Italian rating document at #36. Picture

Model-wise, the Fiat Panda (+52.4%) is lifted to eight.9% share by its new HEV variant accounting for 46.5% of its September quantity and by far the best-seller within the HEV section at 6.505 gross sales above the Toyota Yaris (3.294) and Ford Puma (2.456). The Lancia Ypsilon (+12.8%) reclaims the 2nd spot it holds YTD with the HEV representing 48.5% of its gross sales for the month, whereas the Renault Clio (+122.9%) rallies again up 13 spots on August to advance to #Three each in September and YTD. The Jeep Renegade (+24.7%) is up one to #Four and the Toyota Yaris (+18.3%) up 27 to #5 vs. #18 to date this yr. The Renault Captur (+139.5%), Dacia Sandero (+93.9%) and Duster (+44.9%) additionally rating surreal year-on-year lifts whereas the Ford Puma celebrates a 2nd straight month inside Italy’s Top 10 at #7 vs. #Four in August. Below, the Suzuki Ignis (+300.2%) is boosted up 4-fold year-on-year by its HEV variant (2.246 gross sales out of two.249!) to interrupt into the Italian Top 20 for the primary time at #19 (PB #32 final March), whereas the Suzuki Swift (#37) posts an analogous efficiency at 1.284 HEV out of 1.285 gross sales for the month and the Mercedes GLA (+79.1%) breaks a 5 year-old rating document at #36 vs. #40 in July 2015.

Previous month: Italy August 2020: Ford Puma surges to world record #4, Citroen, VW impress in stabilised market (-0.5%)

One yr in the past: Italy September 2019: VW hits highest share this decade (9.9%), places T-Cross #3 in market up 12.9%

Full September 2020 Top 45 All-brands and Top 50 fashions under.

Italy September 2020 – manufacturers:

20Alfa Romeo2,0731.3%-4.7%2111,9501.2%-40.0%2222
25Land Rover1,0210.7%-29.9%258,3970.9%-33.5%2425
31DR Motor4790.3%192.1%282,1710.2%-33.6%3433
39Great Wall500.0%525.0%392850.0%481.6%4042
41Aston Martin80.0%100.0%42340.0%-29.2%4243
42Infiniti10.0%n/a –120.0%-95.0%4341
43Chevrolet10.0%n/a –30.0%-91.7%4445
45Lada00.0%-100.0% –10.0%-97.3%4544
 –Others450.0%36.4% –2930.0%-20.8% – –

Italy September 2020 – fashions:

1Fiat Panda13,9918.9%52.4%175,5027.8%-28.8%11
2Lancia Ypsilon4,6873.0%12.8%329,3683.0%-35.7%22
3Renault Clio4,3582.8%122.9%1623,2202.4%-33.0%35
4Jeep Renegade4,0942.6%24.7%521,6062.2%-36.2%56
5Toyota Yaris3,9662.5%18.3%3215,7841.6%-44.0%189
6Dacia Sandero3,7592.4%93.9%718,9281.9%-34.1%612
7Ford Puma3,6442.3%new416,5991.7%new15 –
8Renault Captur3,2262.1%139.5%817,1621.8%-22.7%1414
9Dacia Duster3,0942.0%44.9%1018,2101.9%-44.9%93
10Citroen C32,9991.9%-0.9%1918,5971.9%-43.2%87
11Fiat 500X2,9971.9%-6.4%222,3052.3%-32.2%44
12Jeep Compass2,9131.9%38.1%617,5961.8%-37.2%1110
13VW Polo2,8521.8%58.1%917,7331.8%-34.2%1013
14Fiat 5002,8341.8%-8.6%1518,8381.9%-33.8%711
15VW T-Cross2,8141.8%-21.0%2915,9031.6%19.2%1727
16Opel Corsa2,5361.6%48.7%1317,5441.8%-3.2%1226
17Ford Fiesta2,4031.5%-3.0%1115,4881.6%-33.8%1915
18Peugeot 2082,2601.4%2.1%1716,2881.7%-34.5%1617
19Suzuki Ignis2,2491.4%300.2%427,1950.7%7.2%3864
20VW Golf2,2111.4%18.4%1413,8891.4%-34.9%2119
21Nissan Qashqai2,1201.3%-11.5%2311,7381.2%-40.7%2821
22Peugeot 30081,9331.2%13.4%3413,5881.4%-25.9%2223
23Peugeot 20081,8461.2%2.4%1812,0671.2%-34.1%2525
24VW Tiguan1,8131.2%-20.9%2212,5631.3%-32.3%2424
25Fiat Tipo1,7851.1%7.3%2112,6321.3%-40.5%2320
26Toyota Aygo1,7071.1%26.4%2410,2571.1%-11.8%2935
27VW T-Roc1,6011.0%-42.6%1217,3531.8%-45.3%138
28Toyota C-HR1,5301.0%49.4%308,7700.9%-28.3%3337
29Hyundai i101,5051.0%62.2%277,6390.8%-4.2%3648
30Fiat 500L1,5031.0%5.8%2014,0011.4%-41.6%2018
31Ford Kuga1,4570.9%23.3%376,4710.7%-46.4%4434
32Kia Picanto1,4400.9%34.7%356,9370.7%-26.7%3940
33Mercedes A Class1,4380.9%-15.3%n/a9,1350.9%-36.9%3229
34Ford Focus1,4260.9%1.1%369,5271.0%-24.7%3136
35VW Up!1,3250.8%28.3%267,6560.8%-41.1%3533
36Mercedes GLA1,3090.8%79.1%n/an/an/an/an/a75
37Suzuki Swift1,2850.8%n/an/a6,2250.6%n/a4779
38Hyundai Kona1,2540.8%20.1%317,4080.8%-15.6%3744
39Alfa Romeo Stelvio1,2310.8%4.8%405,3040.5%-41.0%n/a42
40Ford Ecosport1,2110.8%-52.0%3311,8511.2%-50.0%2716
41Citroen C3 Aircross1,1380.7%-10.4%2810,1191.0%-31.6%3031
42Opel Crossland X1,0930.7%-21.2%2511,9311.2%-16.3%2630
43Renault Twingo1,0600.7%-3.6%n/a2,5140.3%-59.8%n/a60
44Renault Kadjar1,0480.7%6.1%476,6400.7%-51.5%4132
45Mini Countryman1,0250.7%4.7%n/an/an/an/an/a54
46Skoda Octavia1,0130.6%61.3%n/a4,6480.5%-21.0%n/a71
47Volvo XC401,0120.6%-9.6%436,7670.7%n/a4063
48Toyota Corolla9180.6%n/a495,9960.6%n/a5061
49Citroen C5 Aircross9140.6%n/a416,1220.6%n/a4873
50Opel Grandland X9040.6%n/a456,2810.6%n/a4655
n/aTesla Model 38800.6%170.8%n/a2,2230.2%49.1%n/a141
n/aAudi Q38350.5%-14.9%397,9520.8%-10.1%3446
n/aPeugeot 3088350.5%-10.2%n/a6,5290.7%-44.0%4338
n/aBMW X17850.5%-24.0%506,5510.7%-24.8%4247
n/aBMW Serie 17470.5%-8.8%n/a6,3900.7%-22.6%4549
n/aKia Sportage6950.4%-7.5%n/a6,0870.6%-28.5%4950
n/aRenault Zoe6760.4%379.4%n/a3,4470.4%91.7%n/a136

Source: UNRAE

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