How into Repair and Paint Melamine Cabinets

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Jodi Marks, pictured with Zevo Bug Killer at The Home Depot

Bathroom vanity with paring melamine coating.

Some kitchen and bathroom cabinets are coated with melamine coating, a kind of plastic which could separate from the underlying surface as time passes.

If that the melamine coating has just come loose in a couple of locations, you can reattach it with an immediate adhesive, for example Super Glue or Krazy Glue.

Using instant glue to reattach peeling melamine coating on cabinet.
You may use immediate glue to reattach peeling melamine coating onto a cupboard.

However, if bigger regions of the melamine cabinets are loose, then you’ll want to paint the cupboards . But that the course of action differs from painting wooden cabinets.

To paint peeling melamine cabinets:

  • Remove any loose or peeling plastic coat.
  • Sand the top to dull the gloss and smooth the transition between the bare timber and plastic coat.
  • Vacuum any sanding dust, then wipe down the cabinet with a damp cloth.
  • Apply one or more coats of a bonding primer into the cupboard (spray primer works best).
  • Apply 2 topcoats of paint within the primed surface. (Spray paint provides a smoother coating ).

When spray-painting melamine cabinets, so make certain to:

  • Mask adjacent surfaces using painter’s tape. )
  • Use drop cloths to pay whatever you do not want painted.
  • Wear that a respirator rated for spraying paint.
  • Provide lots of venting.
Woman spray painting bathroom vanity.
You should constantly spray-paint plastic kitchen cabinets — and then put on a respirator!

Watch this video to learn more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Some closets have a plastic melamine surface coat, instead of being stained or painted.

When this plastic coating starts to peel, it is possible to either eliminate all the coating and bleach, or just repair the damaged regions. Repair is much less time consuming.

If the coat is loose but intact, it can at times be successfully reglued with an immediate adhesive, for example Super Glue, which works with vinyl.

The melamine cabinets’ peeling regions have to be sanded to remove the loose material and also decrease the transition from bare wood into the vinyl.

The second step is coat the whole surface using a bonding primer. This will cover the bare timber and prepare the melamine to take a top coat of paint.

Depending about the depth of this melamine, it might take over one coat of primer to smooth out surface.

Since melamine cabinets have a sleek finish, utilizing a spray to get the paint and primer is a fantastic alternative.

Just make sure to mask off adjacent surfaces, provide lots of venting, and use a respirator! )

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