How into Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling

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How to Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling

Before you paint paneling, first prep the surface.

The height of timber paneling’s popularity was between the 1950s and 1970therefore; the tendency has returned, however a few people need horizontal, ageless walls. If that is you, here is the way to fill out the grooves prior to painting paneling.

About Wood Paneling

If you have owned a house for a substantial amount of time, you understand that design tendencies come and go. Floral background, glass block and shag carpeting are only a couple of choices that once were exceptionally popular but have since dropped out of favour.

Wood paneling is at the exact same group. Homebuilders loved it since it was cheap, compared to options, and simple to install. Homeowners loved it since it changed plain drywall and complemented other styles of this age.

But nowadays, paneling is a polarizing topic. Some homeowners — particularly those who were not around during its heyday — adore this, and many others, who dwelt that tendency as well as its own congestion, would like never to see it .

For that next group, there is just one option if they are renovating a house or buying an older one: painting the paneling.

Prepping Wood Paneling

Lots of Individuals inquire, “Can you paint wood paneling?” And we are Pleased to state “Yes!”

But until you can paint on wood paneling, you have to prep it. For most folks, that means filling in the grooves, that would be the tell-tale signals that it is wood paneling at the first location! The procedure is simple and doesn’t need any particular skills.

Just follow the following instructions:

  • Sand that the paneling softly to dull the gloss.
  • Wipe any sanding dust away using a moist cloth.
  • Fill from the paneling membranes with joint compound.
  • Allow the joint compound to dry.
  • Apply additional coats of joint compound, if necessary.
  • Sand that the paneling with 100-grit sandpaper before the joint chemical is eloquent and flush with the paneling.
  • Wipe any sanding dust away using a moist cloth.
  • Prime that the paneling with a shellac-based stain-blocking primer.
  • Apply two coatings of wall paint, with a 3/4-inch rest roller to add texture.

Watch this video to find out more!

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Before you begin painting paneling, you have to prep the surface. First importantly, use just a tiny drywall mud; this really is the exact same joint chemical they utilize to complete drywall. And a older drywall man showed me a pretty cool suggestion .

If you would like to hasten the drying procedure, then place regular joint compound there. Then you can utilize this, which we call quickly mud or twenty-minute sand. Just combine a bit in there.

The quickly sand is somewhat difficult to sand from time to time, but if you combine only a tiny touch in with it, then it is going to speed it up. But you can sand the surface smooth later on. Sometimes you’ve got to add only a bit of water on it. But this seems like it is shaping up pretty good.

All right, once you mix it up nicely, then basically what you would like to do would be to fill out the grooves in. You do not wish to place too much on the surface of the paneling, you only need to fill up those grooves so it’ll dry. Sand it a tiny bit, then it will be time for your primer.

Boy, we were really fortunate here in the grooves at the paneling weren’t too profound, therefore one coat of joint compound, smooth and nice. But should you’ve got deeper grooves on your paneling, you are going to want at least two coatings to really surface out it nicely.

But subsequently, after all is fine and dry, time to catch the sanding pole . Just really sand all, really listen to all the sanding; you could observe how nicely it comes away.

And you really don’t need to sand all the surplus drywall off. You just need to get everything smooth and nice.

Then a different wipe down with a moist rag until we prime.

How to Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling - <p>How into Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling

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