Get Well Soon: Trey Songz Reveals He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Ashley Hendricks October 6, 2020 10 No Comments

Get Well Soon: Trey Songz Reveals He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Source: Trey Songz / Trey Songz

Covid-19 remains ravaging the country and with all the virus running through the White House it is apparent anyone can get it. While individuals are still refusing to wear a mask and denying to acknowledge the virus is real individuals are becoming infected daily and dying every hour. According into BET, Trey Songz is the latest celebrity to admit he’s tested positive for the virus.

“Here with a very important message to let you know that I tested positive for COVID-19,” that the 35-year old stated from the clip. “I have taken many tests as I’ve been outside protesting, food drives, needless to say, I have a very young son in the home, therefore that I have analyzed periodically, and this time, sadly, it came back positive.

I will be taking it seriously, I’ll be self-quarantining. I’ll be in my home until I see that a negative signal.” Songz went to disclose he’s been wary amid the pandemic because his grandfather died earlier this year by what he considers was COVID-19.”

Trey went on to advocate everyone watching to select the virus seriously and don’t follow in the steps of this President. If you examine positive and punish someone who you adore they may die and it is not worth the danger. Play it secure people and Trey creates a complete recovery.

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