For Your Viewing Pleasure: Watch Jhené Aiko’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ At Home [Video]

Ashley Hendricks October 2, 2020 7 No Comments

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Watch Jhené Aiko’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ At Home [Video]

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Finally, Jhené Aiko has blessed us with a Tiny Desk Concert of her own…but naturally, the arrangement is somewhat different this time around.

Obviously, due to this coronavirus pandemic, a great deal of people are working from home right now–such as the folks over at NPR. As they describe itThe Tiny Desk is operating from home for the near future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (house ) concerts, bringing one performances from throughout the nation and the entire world. It’s exactly the exact same soul — stripped-down sets, a romantic setting — only another distance.

And while being in another setting compared to tiny desk that we are utilized to, Aiko’s performance didn’t disappoint.

The singer lended her angelic voice into an eight-song medley which includes newer joints off her 2020 job, Chilombo, along with a few older fan favorites. She performs “Lotus (Intro),” “Stranger,” “Do Better Blues,” “To Love & Die,” “Born Tired,” “W.A.Y.S.,” “Summer 2020,” and “Eternal Sunshine”

Backed with an outfit of hidden musicians, Jhené bookends her collection with a solid bathroom of singing bowls which are certain to leave you in peace following an already amazing performance.

Check outside Jhené Aiko’s Tiny Desk Concert for down under:

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