dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetation

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dennis schrader’s tips for overwintering tender plants

I THINK OF THEM as funding vegetation, vegetation that may not be hardy the place I backyard, however that with a small further work and the correct technique may be carried over yr to yr, even and not using a greenhouse or the proper spot to take action.

Nobody I do know has extra funding vegetation than the record of 1,600 uncommon annuals and tropicals that Dennis Schrader and the crew at Landcraft Environments propagates to promote wholesale to nurseries, landscapers, and botanical gardens. (Follow them @landcraft_environments_ltd on Instagram.) With his husband, Bill Smith, Dennis Schrader has since 1992 operated Landcraft Environments in Mattituck, Long Island—specialists vegetation that add seasonal coloration and texture, and the look of the tropics to the backyard. (Like the coleus known as ‘Fishnet Stocking’ above.)

He’d love to encourage us to start out a set, too, and supplied recommendations on how one can hold them completely satisfied—tactical recommendation on vegetation we should always take into account investing in. Our dialog began with a “New York Times” article I wrote a few weeks in the past on the subject, and continues right here.

And we additionally talked in regards to the emotional facet of carrying a plant over yr to yr and past. It seems I’ve a plant I obtained from Dennis a long time in the past that I’ve been stashing each winter since—and that he misplaced one yr to illness. Guess what’s heading again to him from my backyard quickly? (Below proper, Dennis with Bill Smith, in a photograph from The Garden Conservancy.)

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dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationthe mad stash: overwintering with dennis schrader



Margaret Roach: How’s it on the market?

Dennis Schrader: Fall is right here.

Margaret: Yes.

Dennis: It’s nice, it’s cooling off, very good.

Margaret: Yes. So earlier than we get began, I ought to say I used to be so completely satisfied that we did that “New York Times” story collectively a few weeks in the past about this topic, the mad stash, proper?

Dennis: Yeah, yeah. It was enjoyable.

Margaret: And thanks … it was very fashionable, and it was enjoyable to learn the feedback. Lots of individuals leaping in and saying their successes and their failures with completely different vegetation, ?

Dennis: Mm-hmm.

Margaret: So that is one thing folks like to do, is to attempt to determine, proper, how one can carry over a beloved plant, so-

Dennis: Yeah.

Margaret: You recognized a number of kind of tactical classes, love … as a result of not each plant will need the identical factor, to outlive the winter on this kind of false atmosphere, not their native habitat. And I simply puzzled, are you able to inform us about kind of the way you group them, and the way you considered that?

Dennis: Yeah. Well, first off it’s … We get these vegetation, these are given to us or bought, and we nurture all of them summer time, after which we wish to do one thing with them, simply not have them hit by a frost and that’s it. So plenty of it has been experimenting with various kinds of overwintering. So a number of the best methods are accumulating from seed, and doing cuttings, and even really simply bringing the plant inside and treating it as a houseplant. There’s other ways to retailer them.

Margaret: Some are even saved dormant, love bringing it in as a houseplant and hold it awake, or convey it in-

Dennis: Right.

Margaret: …as a houseplant and let it nap. And that’s one of many issues that I continuously, earlier on in my gardening profession, I used to attempt to hold everyone awake, and a few would moderately fall asleep, proper?

Dennis: [Laughter.] Right. And you additionally run out of room; it’s an area challenge more often than not.

Margaret: Yeah.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationDennis: Yeah, so I’ve tried even hibiscus bushes and Brugmansia that may usually develop all yr, these simply placing them within the basement and conserving them on the dry facet and darkish. And they’ll have some dieback however then you definately get them going within the spring and so they actually take off. Because most vegetation do have a slowdown or dormant interval, both from cool or within the tropics plenty of occasions it’s from dry climate. You’ll have a wet season after which a dry season. So there’s … you attempt to mimic perhaps the dry season, and simply allow them to defoliate and rake up the leaves, and maintain on to them till spring. [Above, variegated Brugmansia ‘Sublime’ from Landcraft.]

Margaret: Even I believe that you simply advisable that for a few of our fancy-leaf geraniums, sure?

Dennis: Yeah. Oh, positive. Yep. I do know somebody that used to hold them, who would bare-root them and simply dangle them of their basement, after which plant them once more within the spring. So it may be fairly radical.

And what I discover is also when you have success with one sort of plant or a remedy of 1 sort of plant, attempt it with another ones. I had one other pal that used to maintain Ensete, the red-leaf Abyssinian bananas, he would … It obtained so large, with this large trunk, he would hold it beneath his dining-room desk [laughter]. So it might do fantastic, besides you had been kicking it, you’ll suppose it was a canine or one thing beneath there, and also you look and it’s this 6-foot stump. But it labored for him.

Margaret: So the banana beneath the eating desk, is that going to be within the reference e-book about this? [Laughter.]

Dennis: Yeah, proper.

Margaret: So what we’re actually making an attempt to do is we’re making an attempt to kind of categorize issues as we glance across the fading backyard proper now, wherever we backyard, and match them to the correct techniques. So love with seed, love what could be the form of … What are only a few examples of issues to do from seed?

Dennis: Oh, zinnias, marigolds, these are a number of the frequent annuals. Abelmoschus. And the plant form of lets when it’s accomplished blooming, it’s beginning to flip a small bit brown, trying a small bit dry. And it’s shorter days, cooler climate, these are all indicators to start out trying. Morning glories are one other, the vining morning glories.

And they begin trying a small tattered [laughter], love they’ve accomplished their large flash for the season, after which it’s time to reap. And you need the seed pods to be ripe, however not ripe sufficient the place they open up and plenty of vegetation will expel their seeds and form of open up and shoot the seeds round. You wish to wait earlier than that occurs, or else use some form of a internet bag or one thing love that to carry the seeds, catch the seeds.

So commercially, we exit twice per week and do the rounds to all of the seed vegetation that we’ll be accumulating. And often we’re proper on high of it.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetation

Margaret: I liked the images that you simply despatched me for the “New York Times” article that you simply took for us, that had been love these turkey trays, the aluminum-

Dennis: Right.

Margaret: [Laughter.] Roasting pans. Filled with seeds, love somebody within the workers would reduce off the flower stems that had been dried into these pans and it’d be love trays of them. I assume you convey them in to dry? [Above, Dennis’s photo of black-leaved cotton seedheads in the aluminum trays at Landcraft.]

Dennis: Yeah. We hold them on racks, mainly, not oven racks however simply love on a cart, and we hold them within the trays. Some of them we now have to cowl with … When we get corn, ears of corn, it’s that internet bag, otherwise you get bulbs in them–typically we hold them coated with that as a result of they do shoot and explode, form of. So every one has a small form of nuance that must be taken care of. But mainly it must be dried, and good air circulation—that’s why we hold them on the racks. And then once they’re completely dry, we bag them in Ziploc baggage, most significantly: labeling them. And then we retailer them in a dry, cool place.

Margaret: Did you love … When you first began doing this, and also you began to ramp up and realized this was … I imply, you had been doing a panorama design-build form of agency years in the past, and then you definately couldn’t get the vegetation essentially that you simply craved on your shoppers and your designs, and also you began small by small—I’m oversimplifying—however you began small by small to propagate them your self. And then oops, abruptly you ended up with a farm and a greenhouse vary, vary of greenhouses and a enterprise doing this-

Dennis: Right.

Margaret: Wholesale, however did you love … I imply, plenty of the issues that you’ve turn into recognized for and have disseminated into the backyard commerce, they weren’t love the mainstays love marigolds and petunias or no matter. You have these, however they had been uncommon issues. So did you lookup the life historical past of the plant and love what its native environment are, love how did you work it out, or researched in books, or how do you know what to do?

Dennis: Well again within the day there wasn’t Google to test issues, or the web, so-

Margaret: Without Google.

Dennis: Yeah, plenty of it was reference books after which additionally simply trial and error. Some of the seed catalogs, love Thompson and Morgan, they record 1000’s of 1000’s of vegetation, and one of many inspirations was seeing all these vegetation however love the place can I get these? I’m going to start out rising them.

And yeah, it was simply searching, discovering issues, and certainly one of our vegetation I discovered… it’s a roadside weed in Costa Rica, but it surely’s obtained this nice silver foliage and small pink flowers. So we discover issues in all places, and buying and selling with buddies and establishments. Like our black-leaf cotton, which we obtained initially from Wave Hill, and it was means again when Marco Stufano was working there. And he gave us some seed, and we stored it and had been rising it for years, after which one yr they misplaced their crop, and it obtained too chilly earlier than it set seed. So then we gave it again to them, and the identical factor occurred to us, we misplaced the seed and so they gave it again to us. So all the time plenty of sharing.

Margaret: Penpals.

Dennis: Yeah, proper, seed buddies.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationMargaret: Well and it’s humorous, after we did the “New York Times” story once more not too long ago, we had been speaking about storing bulbs and bulb-like things, tubers, and so forth, and we will discuss these in a second. But I mentioned, “Oh, yeah, once I retailer my Canna musafolia, or Canna ‘Grande’” [above], and also you love interrupted me, you’re love, “You have that? I think that came from us.”

Dennis: [Laughter.] Yep.

Margaret: And you don’t have it anymore.

Dennis: Right, yeah, we … with the mosaic virus we needed to do away with our inventory and so I’ve been in search of it, so-

Margaret: Well guess what?

Dennis: I’m nonetheless ready for that bundle to return. [Laughter.]

Margaret: There is perhaps a bundle heading south. Yes, there is perhaps a bundle.

Dennis: Great.

Margaret: I’ve been accumulating sturdy packing containers since we spoke. And that’s what I like about horticulture, actually, is love the remembrance of the place each plant got here from, love you simply mentioned that roadside weed with the silver leaves in Costa Rica—the provenance. And have you learnt, that kind of sense of … Dan Hinkley and I were talking about this recently due to his e-book about his backyard at Windcliff-

Dennis: Right.

Margaret: …on a latest program.  And how he walks round each morning within the backyard and he sees his buddies’ faces, due to the vegetation. You know what I imply?

Dennis: Yeah, that’s so true.

Margaret: You will need to have that, too.

Dennis: Yep. We have plenty of vegetation from the unique Heronswood Nursery. And a few of them even have these small blue labels protruding of the bottom.

Margaret: That’s so humorous, as a result of that’s what I began after we did our interview not too long ago, I mentioned to him, I did the intro and mentioned, “Every year when I do my spring cleanup I find turquoise plastic labels in my garden.”

Dennis: [Laughter.] Right.

Margaret: Yeah, so we’re all only one large, completely satisfied, loopy household.

Dennis: Yep.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetation

Margaret: So you mentioned earlier than “trial and error,” that that’s the way you realized it in some circumstances. And one factor that for me … You should be keen to take a position, and perhaps the funding doesn’t repay, proper, love any funding. So I purchased phormiums years in the past, I like the New Zealand flax, the kind of vertical virtually impact … It seems grass-like but it surely’s broader-textured foliage, colorful-

Dennis:  Similar to iris foliage. [Above, at Margaret’s, gold Phormium in a large bowl with Coleus and Alternanthera.]

Margaret:  Yeah, they give the impression of being love iris-

Dennis: But colourful, very colourful.

Margaret: Yeah, and I like them within the heart of large pots and stuff. And they’re not low cost at retail, and I needed to hold them over. And I failed a couple of occasions, and I believe that’s … But it was price it as a result of now I form of nailed it and I used to be making an attempt to maintain them too heat. I used to be pondering they’re from a hotter zone, so I … You know what I imply, I used to be making an attempt to maintain them actively rising virtually, and that’s not good.

Dennis: Yeah.

Margaret: It didn’t work.

Dennis: No, they might wish to quiet down, and simply keep proper above freezing. Or simply within the excessive 30s is ok for them. And on the dry facet.

Margaret: And you’ll by no means suppose that at the beginning. We suppose tropical or subtropical, or tender, and we expect “Oh, got to keep it warm, got to keep it warm.” But it’s a small counter-intuitive, proper?

Dennis: Yeah. Well plenty of South African vegetation love Agapanthus are much like that, the place they will simply be proper round freezing and so they’ll be all proper. Chondropetalum, a grassy plant, and plenty of the Restio. You know what else is fascinating, is that if a plant is grown at the next altitude then plenty of occasions it could possibly take cooler climate than you’ll suppose, even when it’s a “tropical” plant.

Margaret: Right.

Dennis: It’s a lot cooler up at increased altitudes.

Margaret: Right. And in comparison with making an attempt to push them within the low-light season right here within the north, push them to continue to grow, to remain lively, it’s extra merciful, actually.

Dennis: Yeah. Let them relaxation.

Margaret: To allow them to decelerate. Right?

Dennis: Winter relaxation, yeah.

Margaret: Right. Even if love the phormium they’ve foliage, and they also don’t wish to be at nighttime within the cellar with that Pelargonium, the fancy-leaf geranium we had been speaking about. Or the tropical hibiscus, that’s going to be leafless, or the Brugmansia which might be going to defoliate, proper?

Dennis: Mm-hmm.

Margaret: So not love that. But additionally not heat and actively rising and being watered a couple of times per week, and so on. It’s love we’re backing off on all the things and letting them simply hover in a means, a few of them.

Dennis: Right. I’ve love a coated porch that you’d wish to use for 3 seasons, after which within the fourth season you’ll be able to retailer vegetation in there typically if it isn’t going to freeze, otherwise you simply put in love a minimal small heater or one thing simply to maintain it above freezing. And typically that’s all you want, and it’s a pleasant, sunny porch, however … Or if it’s hooked up to a home, typically that even makes it heat sufficient. You simply open the door and let it heat up.

Margaret: I had an insulated storage and there was a window that was on the brilliant facet, and for some purpose these phormiums simply … It was super-cool, however there was loads of gentle and so they simply did so significantly better than the place I tortured them prior to now. So .

Dennis: [Laughter.] Yep, yep.

Margaret: So folks could also be trying exterior now or quickly, relying on the place they stay, and love, “Oh, the dahlias got frosted. Oh, the cannas got blasted with frost.” And they suppose that’s it. But it’s not it, is it?

Dennis: No, it’s-

Margaret: Those are a number of the best, proper?

Dennis: Yeah, that’s the sign that it’s time to reap, particularly dahlias. Because they’re such … often, most of them are simply late-season and so they like this cool climate. Like proper now our dahlias are going gangbusters, in full bloom, and we’re getting large bouquets day-after-day. And then after we now have our first killing frost, the place it’s down under 32, after which the foliage will flip brown or black, and the plant may even get a small mushy, however you dig it out and reduce it off leaving about an inch or 2 of stem, after which you have got all of the bulblets hanging out love bates virtually. And simply conserving them, after which really packed into crates or baggage with both mulch, or hay, or peat moss, or wrapped in newspaper, there’s so many various strategies love that.

Margaret: And do you dry them first; do you kind of remedy them first a small bit?

Dennis: Yeah, yeah, we allow them to air-dry for a few days. And then once more … It’s virtually love I inform folks to consider it love overwintering potatoes. If you have got love a root cellar, you’re making an attempt to imitate the root-cellar situation, a darkish and funky however not freezing. [More on stashing bulbs and tubers.]

Margaret: So 40s perhaps.

Dennis: Potatoes will final for a very long time, and if it’s too heat you’ll see they’ll begin rising. So it’s the identical factor with dahlia bulbs. Or cannas, Eucomis.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationMargaret: Yeah, the Eucomis [above] are humorous, they’re the pineapple lilies. I had purchased them over the past … They’ve turn into kind of a factor, a well-liked factor, more and more so, and you’ve got plenty of good picks with fairly leaves, purple leaves or noticed leaves or no matter, moreover the flowers. And I’d all the time simply drag the pots in. I’d have them in pots and I’d drag the pots in as a result of I’m in Zone 5 so that they aren’t hardy within the floor. But the pots, it’s heavy getting them into the basement, all that, and I assume may I unpot extra of these items? I imply, I assume I may unpot them.

Dennis: Yeah, these might be … Because they’re hardy into Zone 7 and infrequently in 6 with some mulch, however they might be bare-rooted and once more put right into a internet bag or a crate or one thing and saved that means.

Margaret: So in love bark mulch or one thing love that?

Dennis: Yeah, bark mulch, straw, hay, hulls, typically there’s rice hulls and even packing peanuts. If you have got a field with packing peanuts, you get a cargo in with one thing, that works.

Margaret: Now I’m saving these to ship you the cannas. [Laughter.]

Dennis: I’m going to maintain my eye out for that.

Margaret: Yeah. So do you … O.Ok., so say I’ve the dahlias and I’ve allow them to get frosted. And I’ve reduce them again and I’ve dried them for a couple of days or per week; I’ve allow them to remedy a small bit. And then I’m going to pack them. Is it essential to maintain every clump of tubers or tuber separate, love not simply throw them in a large pile collectively within the packing materials? Should there be packing materials between every one or do you wrap them in newspaper first, or every other kind of methods, after which love test on them?

Dennis: It’s actually what you have got time for and the way you’ve had success. We’ve accomplished it each methods: particular person wrapping, once more, one thing actually essential with dahlias is labeling in the event you want particular colours. But I all the time suggest making an attempt one thing, and if it really works then simply hold doing it. If you’re doing one thing proper, love your Phormium, you lastly discovered one thing that labored for it, after which attempt another vegetation perhaps that may match into that class and make it simpler for your self. You don’t wish to make it an excessive amount of of a chore.

Margaret: Right.

Dennis: Sometimes we’ll divide all of them, spray them with antidesiccant. Well really we allow them to dry after which spray with an antidesiccant, after which wrap them. But that’s … we’re making an attempt to maintain as many as attainable for so long as attainable, too.

I believe cuttings, that’s one other strategy to exit and simply begin taking cuttings, you don’t wish to wait too late within the season for that, however that’s one other wonderful means of overwintering vegetation for a few of your favourite vegetation.

Margaret: Like coleus.

Dennis:  [Laughter.] Yes. Yeah, coleus could be very simple, root proper in water.

Margaret: Yes. And these candy potato vines.

Dennis: Yeah, yeah. Like salvias, some salvias, begonias, impatiens. There’s plenty of issues you can root in water.

Margaret: Yeah I needed to spend the final couple jiffy I needed to know are there some … You have 1,600 kinds of plants in the list proper now. And by the way in which, folks can’t order from you as people, however you do ship [to retailers] within the mid-Atlantic and Northeast and so forth, and from love Maine to Maryland. And you have got an inventory; I’ll give the hyperlink to the list of retailers on your website.

And I’m simply going to say out loud to folks: I am going to my backyard heart within the offseason and I say, “What are you ordering from …?” I ask them about issues that I need which might be on a wholesale record love yours and nudge, nudge to order a tray of one thing.

Dennis: Oh, positive.

Margaret: You know what I imply, it’s O.Ok. to ask our backyard facilities to consider particular gadgets, proper, that they will get from wholesalers that we will’t? So-

Dennis: Right.

Margaret: …be bossy.

Dennis: We do this so much, we’ll get a particular order from a backyard heart particularly for a shopper. So that works effectively.

Margaret: So don’t be afraid to do this, everybody listening. Because it’s attainable, and the backyard heart remains to be going to make the markup, it’s not love you’re inconveniencing anyone. So anyway… But are there some, within the final minutes, are there some beautiful tropicals or uncommon annuals that you simply’re wanting, craving, moreover the canna that I’m sending again to you [laughter], that you simply’re wanting to search out that add to the palate, is there love a factor proper now that you simply’re after? On the hunt for?

Dennis: Oh…

Margaret: You have all the things.

Dennis: Yeah. Yeah, there’s so much. I actually love colourful foliage. Or variegated foliage; I simply love variegated foliage. And simply oddball issues. I’ve been accumulating for myself now simply plenty of caudiciform vegetation, with love large, fats bases on them.

Margaret: Yes.

Dennis: We do provide a couple of. I do know this-

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationMargaret: I didn’t know that, that you simply did that, as a result of I’ve … My oldest houseplant is a … effectively, it’s now known as Pseudobombax, but it surely was known as Bombax ellipticum, the shaving brush tree.

Dennis: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Margaret: And it’s large in my front room, I’ve had it for about 30 years. And I develop various different issues with swollen bases which might be love their storage organs. Huh. [Above, the caudex or storage organ of the Pseudobombax houseplant in a large pot at Margaret’s.]

Dennis: eah, I simply began accumulating them years and years in the past, and we now have a pleasant assortment, and we additionally do have some that we will promote. And we do promote. Yeah.

That, foliage coloration, there’s all the time new cultivars popping out, the nice elephant ears with completely different formed leaves. There’s one, it’s known as ‘Pharaoh’s Mask’ [below] that nearly seems love a wrinkled brow, and it’s apple inexperienced with these darkish stripings on it. It’s form of fascinating.

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetationMargaret: Wow.

Dennis: Yeah.

Margaret: Not so a few years in the past the elephant ears, it was love simply the plain outdated elephant ears and now, wow.

Dennis: Yeah, there’s tons of of sorts.

Margaret: Yeah. And I’m all the time experimenting with which of them wish to be stored kind of half-awake love a houseplant, and which of them need to fall asleep, and oh boy, that’s an entire different topic.

Dennis: Yeah. Yeah, as a normal rule of thumb Alocasia often do higher as houseplant than Colocasia.

Margaret: O.Ok., all proper.

Dennis: Yep.

Margaret: Well, Dennis, I had such enjoyable and love I mentioned I can’t wait to pack up the products and ship them down there as a result of it kind of completes the circle for us.

Dennis: [Laughter.] And we’ll have it for you subsequent time in the event you want it.

Margaret: Yeah. No, it’s candy, it’s actually candy. But I’m so glad to reconnect and study extra, and thanks a lot; thanks for making time for us immediately.

Dennis: Oh, very welcome, nice talking with you. [Below, garden doodle by Andre Jordan.]

dennis schraders tips for overwintering tender plants - dennis schrader’s suggestions for overwintering tender vegetation

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