Captain Morgan Just Dropped A New Orange Vanilla Twist Flavored Rum And People Say It Tastes Like Creamsicles

Jake Levins April 5, 2020 22 No Comments

Captain Morgan Just Dropped A New Orange Vanilla Twist Flavored Rum And People Say It Tastes Like Creamsicles

Due into the spread of this novel coronavirus, we should all avoid heading outside to keep ourselves protected. This preventative step is a dream come true or a nightmare, based upon your personality. For introverts, being advised to remain home and avoid social interaction is already a given. Extroverts, on the other hand, may feel like they have found themselves stranded on a distant island, cut off from society and the fun that accompanies it. Fortunately, Captain Morgan’s brand new Orange Vanilla Twist is available today, which means that you are able to take advantage of the quarantine period!

We might not have the ability to frolic and celebration at this time, but it does not mean we must be entirely miserable. So, why not deliver the fun to your home with the new, unique summer-edition rum from Captain Morgan? If this taste combination appears familiar, that is because it is! The entertaining fruity iteration of Captain Morgan’s mythical rum allegedly has a flavor reminiscent of this Orange Creamsicle we adored all the summers ago.



Captain Morgan’s Orange rum includes a creamsicle-like taste that is Guaranteed to provide you whimsical summer ideas


“You may be ways away from opening the pool but thanks to our new, summer-edition Orange Vanilla Twist, that poolside vibe has never been closer.”

The summer-inspired beverage was formally introduced March 24th, 2020 through the brand’s official Instagram page. Of class, it did not take long for this to appear on booze sleuths’ grids. And upon further digging, we found the new Captain Morgan beverage’s been available long before the new introduced it! This could be vexing, but we have got zero complaints.




Captain Morgan’s fresh summer variant Includes notes of orange and vanilla

The summertime variant of Captain Morgan may guarantee sweet taste notes but it has the 30percent ABV that the Captain’s rum is well known for. There’s plenty of methods to appreciate this creamsicle-ish beverage. According into the new, you are able to combine it with ginger ale, cola, or use it as a foundation to get a boozy slushie which it is possible to enjoy while frightening with whomever you are in quarantine with! Those who have attempted the summertime particular are raving about it. “Please make it permanent! This is my new favorite drink!” one sampler commented. “We’ve already bought a bunch and got our friends hooked.”



Major retailers stay available during this time period. So, they are certain to have the summery rum in their shelves. We’re not really confident about spirits shops though… But if you would rather play it safe, you can purchase it via Drizly.


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