Canada August 2020: Volvo (+25.5%), Kia (+14.9%), Subaru (+11.5%) defy market down -8.9%

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Canada August 2020: Volvo (+25.5%), Kia (+14.9%), Subaru (+11.5%) defy market down -8.9%

The new Seltos breaks its quantity file, serving to Kia up 14.9%.

Estimates by native consultancy Desrosiers have the Canadian new mild car market down -8.9% year-on-year in August to 165.837 models, a slight worsening from the -4.9% of July which brings the year-to-date tally down -27% to 975.356 models. The Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Sales Rate (SAAR) stands at 1.81 million, up marginally from July however nonetheless effectively beneath normal ranges. Among the tiny quantity of producers nonetheless reporting month-to-month gross sales for Canada, Hyundai-Kia (+5.4%) performs finest with Toyota Motor (-3.5%) additionally outpacing the declining market whereas Honda Motor (-16%) tumbles down. Brand-wise, surprisingly Four out of the 10 manufacturers speaking their gross sales for August handle a year-on-year acquire. The most spectacular is Volvo at +25.5% adopted  by Kia at +14.9% and Subaru at +11.5% whereas Hyundai (+0.4%) solely edges up. In reality an extra Three manufacturers additionally preserve their loss beneath the market charge: Toyota (-3.1%), Mazda (-4.8%) and Lexus (-6.9%) however Genesis (-28.7%), Acura (-19.5%) and Honda (-15.7%) crumble.

Model-wise, in quantity order a few of the finest performers this month embody the Toyota RAV4 (+31.4%), Hyundai Kona (+58.8%), Kia Sorento (+29.4%), Toyota Highlander (+16.4%), Toyota Camry (+59.2%), Subaru Forester (+28.6%), Toyota Tacoma (+21.2%), Subaru Outback (+26.9%), Hyundai Palisade (+20.6%) and Lexus RX (+16.3%). Meanwhile the Kia Seltos (1.781) and Hyundai Venue (1.138) each break their quantity file this month.

Previous month: Canada July 2020: Lexus (+17.5%), Volvo (+11.8%), Subaru (+10.1%) help thin market loss to -4.9%

One yr in the past: Canada August 2019: Light trucks hit record 76.8% share, Ram (+15.6%), Toyota (+10.4%) lift market to first gain in 18 months (+0.2%)

Full August 2020 gross sales for chosen 6 teams, 10 manufacturers and 85 fashions beneath.

Canada August 2020 – teams:

Toyota Motor Co.21,620-3.5%118,543-27.9%43
Honda Motor Co.15,423-16.0%90,117-32.1%66
Volvo Cars NA1,04225.5%5,139-22.5%1515

Canada August 2020 – manufacturers:


Canada August 2020 – fashions:

Toyota RAV47,64631.4%32,393-25.9%53
Honda CR-V5,246-6.0%24,704-35.9%75
Honda Civic4,776-21.3%27,915-37.0%64
Toyota Corolla3,812-20.4%20,512-38.7%88
Hyundai Kona3,68358.8%15,753-10.1%1315
Mazda CX-52,6322.6%14,500-20.4%1413
Hyundai Elantra2,599-35.6%14,389-45.8%1210
Hyundai Tucson2,455-30.2%14,273-28.4%1512
Kia Sorento1,82029.4%8,928-24.4%2327
Kia Seltos1,781new6,406new48 –
Kia Forte1,7481.3%8,775-20.9%2429
Toyota Highlander1,55516.4%7,767-14.6%3133
Toyota Camry1,45759.2%6,075-43.7%4334
Subaru Crosstrek1,3770.3%7,895-12.8%2830
Subaru Forester1,37128.6%6,899-18.4%3635
Toyota Tacoma1,35921.2%7,792-9.3%2539
Hyundai Santa Fe1,329-14.6%7,885-42.1%2922
Honda HR-V1,164-7.7%6,428-27.2%3736
Hyundai Venue1,138new5,074new56236
Subaru Outback1,07226.9%5,873-17.4%4443
Toyota Sienna1,008-21.3%4,943-54.9%5732
Kia Sportage1,001-25.1%6,262-23.2%3538
Mazda CX-30912new5,202new50 –
Hyundai Palisade87420.6%4,330150.1%71108
Toyota Tundra794-30.3%5,505-22.7%3850
Lexus RX75616.3%4,431-14.9%5959
Kia Soul735-34.4%5,078-40.2%4541
Subaru Impreza725-9.6%3,739-38.8%7457
Acura RDX716-25.6%4,678-21.2%5352
Honda Accord699-38.4%4,089-48.6%6742
Mazda CX-3621-53.4%4,024-44.7%6646
Honda Odyssey620-32.9%3,885-41.8%6855
Toyota C-HR596-12.9%4,218-20.8%6372
Honda Pilot586-5.5%4,943-7.5%4062
Lexus NX564-19.8%3,456-28.1%7568
Kia Sedona55518.3%2,510-32.4%10187
Hyundai Ioniq53037.7%2,837-9.6%85115
Kia Rio49728.1%2,344-31.0%10889
Toyota 4Runner497-45.0%3,865-33.4%6063
Toyota Prius (incl. C and V)463-65.7%3,749-44.5%6448
Acura MDX420-25.0%1,955-37.3%11591
Mazda CX-939810.9%2,266-20.8%10294
Hyundai Accent356-18.2%2,109-52.8%10979
Subaru Ascent34915.2%1,781-34.4%122102
Honda Passport3090.7%2,08819.3%104143
Lexus UX26225.4%1,421-29.4%131142
Honda Ridgeline256-17.7%2,093-10.1%99123
Acura TLX25565.6%1,496-35.5%124124
Kia Niro249-56.2%1,844-36.1%11198
Toyota Yaris233-66.1%1,320-74.3%13777
Hyundai Sonata22410.9%1,701-43.5%116117
Honda Fit193-6.3%1,052-62.6%153120
Subaru WRX176-5.9%1,523-27.1%120141
Lexus ES1711.8%837-42.1%172158
Kia Telluride160-45.6%1,604-21.4%110133
Kia Stinger147-16.0%786-27.0%178182
Subaru Legacy14424.1%739-38.8%179174
Lexus IS129-46.5%701-54.8%183153
Hyundai Veloster12543.7%697-37.3%190185
Genesis G709611.6%563-27.2%195194
Kia Optima87-42.4%594-51.2%187178
Acura ILX79-42.8%391-70.8%203169
Toyota Land Cruiser7515.4%152-35.6%251241
Honda Clarity FCV6293.8%551-37.3%185200
Subaru BRZ6263.2%516-6.5%194211
Mazda MX-5 Miata57-32.9%481-28.4%196203
Toyota Supra53-50.0%1741.2%238246
Toyota Sequoia4860.0%248-40.8%223216
Honda Insight40-60.8%257-44.3%217204
Toyota Avalon3516.7%161-39.7%233225
Lexus GX326.7%29056.8%212229
Toyota 8624-29.4%166-17.8%235244
Lexus LX7-90.0%454-35.4%186197
Genesis G906-77.8%27-35.7%265266
Lexus LC620.0%27-55.0%267267
Acura NSX20.0%190.0%276278
Lexus GS2-80.0%28-65.9%264261
Toyota Mirai2n/a7-87.7%281269
Acura RLX0-100.0%13-67.5%272272
Genesis G800-100.0%79-65.4%244235
Lexus LS0-100.0%16-70.9%270270
Lexus RC0-100.0%117-47.5%242239
Kia Cadenza0n/a2-89.5%286280

Source: Manufacturers, Desrosiers, ANDC, GCBC

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